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Feb 24 2016
End Gays: Harlem Hate Pastor Says No Foreclosure Until Butt Babies Born Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.34.40 PM(Video still via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

The Daily Show's Jessica Williams sat down with batshit-crazy James David Manning, the hate-filled anti-gay pastor who's about to lose his Harlem church. The last visit led to Manning claiming that Starbucks puts semen in its coffee.

This time around, Manning's takeaway message is that his church shouldn't have to pay for water, and that gays come up to Harlem in search of “black meat.” (Even the black ones?)

But his ultimate quote might be:

Before this church is foreclosed on, sodomites will carry babies in their testicles for nine months and then gestate them out of their assholes, before this church is closed. Now, if it's possible for that to happen, then it's possible for this church to be foreclosed.

Watch the video after the jump, which includes a sit-down with Carl Siciliano of The Ali Forney Center, the organization that helps homeless LGBT youth and that is looking to buy the church when it is foreclosed upon ...

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