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Oct 11 2017
Lindsay Lohan: Stop Trying To Make Harvey Weinstein Happen Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.43.35 AM(Video still via Snapchat)

Lindsay Lohan may have mental or substance-abuse (or both) issues, but at what point do you stop cutting slack for that and realize you're not her family so it's okay to abandon her?

Maybe when she goes pro-Trump? Or how about now, as she defends Harvey Weinstein ...

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Feb 03 2017
6-PACK/trump — Kellyanne Conway Invents A Massacre + Trump's Muslim Ban Weakens U.S. $, Angers Angelina + Dodd Frank: RIP + Military For Trump + Nordstrom Done With Ivanka! Comments (0)

WIDGETAlt-Fact Kelly strikes again, fabricates Iraqi “massacre” of Bowling Green residents that never occurred:

WIDGETTrump's Muslim ban weakens the U.S. dollar — “worst start to a year in over a decade” aka since the last GOP prez, W.

WIDGETSenate & Trump getting rid of Dodd Frank, which exists to keep banks in check following 2008 financial disaster. What could go wrong?

WIDGETWhen Trump stops pretending and goes through with a full-on coup, don't expect the military to help you.

WIDGETNordstrom drops junky Ivanka Trump crap.

WIDGETAngelina Jolie, who is famously quiet about partisan politics, blasts Trump's Muslim ban as she debuts new film on Cambodian crisis:  

I can definitely understand by Angelina would be attracted to something called First They Killed My Father.
Sep 20 2016
Brangelina No More!: Angelina Files For Divorce From Brad Pitt — Over His Parenting Comments (0)

Major shocker: Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce, according to TMZ.

The straw that broke the movie star's back was allegedly Brad's parenting style. She wants physical custody of all six kids and only wants him to have joint legal custody with visitation.

Feb 27 2016
Angelina Jolie Fluffs Up For KUNG FU PANDA Comments (0)

13610322245_874df67047_bMaleficent (Film still via Walt Disney)

Since her first movie role alongside her father, Jon Voight in 1982, Angelina Jolie has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Now widely known as a passionate humanitarian figure as well as for her acting and film-making abilities, Angelina’s star is very much in the ascendant. Not only is her professional life pretty damned fantastic, she is also one half of uber-cool ‘Brangelina’ with gorgeous husband Brad Pitt and raising a multi-cultural family of cute kids.

It was Angelina’s role as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies that really catapulted her into the big time. Clad in black hot-pants, work boots and not much else, Angelina high-kicked her way on to our screens in one of the best kick-ass roles ever. Lara Croft is the lead character in the hugely popular interactive video game series and Angelina owned the role with her toned physique and simmering sex appeal. Even before Angelina took the part, Lara Croft was perhaps the first video game sex symbol and deserving of recognition as an industry forerunner. The game was also one of the first, and certainly most successful, to be adapted to the widescreen. It is worth checking in on the Royal Vegas Casino’s Tomb Raider to remind ourselves of the game’s great content and sheer quality.

Soon after Tomb Raider’s success, Angelina signed up for 2005’s Mr & Mrs Smith where she starred alongside Brad Pitt who was at the time in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Brad and Angelina memorably became more than just good friends, and the rest as they say, is history (at least for Aniston). They soon amalgamated themselves into the Jolie-Pitt’s and started adding to Jolie’s broad. In Maleficent, Angelina starred with youngest daughter, Vivienne in a star turn which might have terrified lesser mortals but apparently left the youngster unscathed. A brilliant take on the famous story of Sleeping Beauty, Angelina played the dark fairy with twisted, snarling aplomb.

MaxresdefaultKung Fu Panda 3 (Film still via DreamWorks)

The soon to be released Kung Fu Panda sequel sees Angelina in another kid’s movie, although this one promises to be a bit fluffier. Voicing Tigress, in as cool a role as a cartoon tiger can be, Angelina again flexes her martial arts muscles, even the pixelated ones. In reprising her role as Tigress, Angelina helps out Jack Black’s Po in fighting the evil spirit warrior and regaining everyone’s chi. Very Zen. It’s the third outing for the Kung Fu Panda gang and while the formula remains a bit samey, it’s a nice piece of escapism with some amusingly gawky Dreamworks characters and a fair few funny quips. Like most of Angelina’s movies, it’s definitely worth a watch, although Tigress is no Lara Croft! The Royal Vegas Casino Tomb Raider game shows the inspiration behind Angelina’s first and most enduring success. Angelina Jolie shows us that it’s possible to be the woman who has it all!

Jan 21 2016
Need To Know: Baby Got Zac + Biden Goes To Bat For LGBTs + Trans Oscar Nominee + He's Out! + R. Kelly For Cosby + Trump For Hillary + Palin's Violent Son: Thanks, Obama! + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.03.02 PMZac shakes, doesn't come close to breaking, it.

*widget boy cultureZac Efron pretends he doesn't know exactly what twerking is. Images

*widget boy cultureJoe Biden sticks up for LGBT rights in full-throated Davos speech.

*widget boy cultureTennessee kills anti-gay marriage bill.

*widget boy cultureAngela Morley, 1st trans Oscar nominee.

*widget boy cultureHow did MI5 become the U.K.'s best LGBT employer?

*widget boy cultureStraights still passive regarding LGBT rights.

*widget boy cultureSports Equality Foundation helps gay athletes come out.

*widget boy cultureMom shames homophobes, celebrates son's coming-out with video:


*widget boy cultureR. Kelly was molested as a kid, doesn't molest kids, gives Cosby benefit of doubt.

*widget boy cultureTom Daley on his belly for ya.

*widget boy cultureTacky site hints Madonna or Angelina is pill-addicted.

*widget boy cultureTrump sez economy does better under Dems, praises Hillary:

Trump Endorses Democrats

Sounds like Trump used to be halfway reasonable. What happened? Was he lying then or is he lying now?Video by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

*widget boy cultureHillary writes passionately of President Obama's legacy.

*widget boy cultureBernie attacks over Planned Parenthood, HRC endorsements.

*widget boy cultureBernie would probably not win, if he won the nomination.

*widget boy cultureRon Paul thinks Trump is the most likely Republican nominee, not his kid.

*widget boy culturePalin blames son's violence on PTSD and ... Obama.

*widget boy cultureNow that Pluto's demoted, have scientists found a new ninth planet???

*widget boy cultureBlack Lips guitarist gets nekkid onstage, has big eggs. (Work Unfriendly) Images

Tumblr_nm2f17y75S1skl9f3o3_400Play that funky music, naked white boy!

Nov 24 2015
Need To Know: Bi And Bi + Anti-Gay Rights + Trump Jersey City Cheer + Go-Go For It + BRIDE OF PITT + Dragged Out + Adele Sells Out + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureSwoon. Images

*widget boy cultureCharlie Sheen caught on video having gay sex?

*widget boy cultureObama urged to act on Hillary's gun-control proposal.

*widget boy cultureIs a gay-rights backlash looming?

*widget boy cultureTrump continues to lie about cheering 9/11 video, cites tweets.

*widget boy cultureRevolting Trump posts video of Hillary laughing over Benghazi footage.

*widget boy cultureDr. Ben Carson continues to demonstrate serious mental deficiencies.

*widget boy cultureScorching-hot go-go dancer video.

*widget boy cultureWill Angelina Jolie star in a The Bride of Frankenstein remake?

*widget boy cultureSofia Vergara's cute son comes between her and Joe Manganiello.

*widget boy cultureWhen your 18-year-old Grindr trick says he's really 14, don't keep the date. Images

Duwel1-820x430Things aren't going swimmingly for this ex-coach.

*widget boy cultureDon't insult a drag queen and expect no response.

*widget boy cultureNearly naked swimmer—you can guess his religion.

*widget boy cultureWhat's the point of isolating Adele's SNL vocal? We know she's good!

*widget boy cultureThree days in, Adele's 25 is 2015's best-selling album.

*widget boy cultureRihanna announces 2016 world tour.

*widget boy cultureKevin Federline trashes fellow icon Beyoncé. 

*widget boy cultureBlack man beaten at Trump rally speaks out, isn't a fan of Birmingham cops.

*widget boy cultureDallas mayor more afraid of white guys than Syrian refugees.

*widget boy cultureThis bitch is bendy. Images

QUENTIN-SANCHEZQuentin Sanchez, I salute your flag.

Oct 28 2015
Need To Know: Pitting Out + Zac's New Shorts + I AM A (GAY) MAN! + What Is: Homosexual Desire? + Madonna Plies Katy With Liquor + MORE! Comments (0)

V98_COVER COMBINED_01Let's shag.

*widget boy cultureBrad Pitt poses for V, praises director/lover Angelina Jolie. Images

*widget boy cultureZac Efron looking HOT in short-shorts. His thighs!!!

*widget boy cultureRyan Reynolds loses father to Parkinson's disease.

*widget boy cultureEx-Vatican official Krzysztof Charamsa: “I'm a gay man. I'm not a monster.”

*widget boy cultureIowa's anti-gay Gortz Haus refused gays, becomes a church.

*widget boy cultureIs Tom Flynn Jeopardy's sexiest contestant ever? Images

*widget boy cultureKaty Perry is Madonna's unapologetic bitch.

*widget boy cultureKutcher, Kunis, Fergie, Latifah, Hayek, Kathy Griffin take in Rebel Heart Tour.

*widget boy cultureHigh school principal body-slammed in viral video.

*widget boy cultureIs Gus Kenworthy the man or the woman in his gay relationships?

*widget boy cultureViolent cop in viral video fired, sheriff blames kid for starting it. Images

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.53.07 PMWith a violent history and now this, Deputy Ben Fields now needs to find a new job at which to beat people up.

Jan 03 2015
Silence Unbroken Comments (0)

Angelina Jolie has no comment when it comes to that time she was called a minimally talented, spoiled brat by some even less talented, even more spoiled brats.

I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I'm with her vs. those Sony turds.