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Mar 14 2019
Boy Band Scandal Post-Mortem + Gay Immigrant's Story + Trump Coup? + Tennis Showmance + Madonna Doc + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: She's romantic!

BELOW: Keep reading for Lou Pearlman unpacked, a gay immigrant's story, a Stonewall art tribute, a May-December of the following year romance that goes seriously sour and more ...

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Mar 11 2019
Male Gays, Don't Miss MALE GAZE Comments (0)

IMG_9908Come inside (All iPhone snaps by Matthew Rettenmund)

I just viewed what I would say is the best-ever exhibit of gay male art at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in Soho.


Male Gaze: Life, Legend, Legacy (February 17-March 31) is made up of incredibly diverse work from the personal collection of Charles Leslie and his late partner Fritz Lohman themselves, items from their 50-year collection of male erotica that encompass paintings, drawings, sculptures and, of course ...

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Mar 06 2019
Schock Report + Scenes Overheard + Brazil's Bolsonaro Tweets Gay-Sex Video + RIP Hamlet Manzuetta + R. Kelly EXPLODES + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The look of you-love-this.

BELOW: Keep reading for Aaron Schock's sweetheart deal, Bolsonaro's fixation on gay sex, the death of artist Hamlet and more ...

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Feb 22 2019
Remembering Andy Warhol Comments (0)

The eccentric gay trailblazer who revolutionized the art world died 32 years ago today. I remember it so well because I told a high school classmate I was sorry about her idol Andy Warhol and she ... hadn't yet heard. It was emotional.

As reported semi-recently, his death shouldn't have been as surprising as it was.

Where's The Arty? Comments (0)

When I was in high school, I drew.

A lot.

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Feb 18 2019
Tom Daley's Hotter Friends + Navratilova Goes Full Anti-Trans + Robyn Sample + Nice War-Haul + Criss Hitched + Dillon = Delish + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hard at work.

BELOW: Keep reading for Tom Daley's even hotter (?!) friend, Trump's impotent rage, a sample of Robyn, delish Dillon and more ...

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Feb 16 2019
Remembering Keith Haring Comments (0)

Keith-haring-handwritten-hand-signed-letter-on-private-statione-800x800(Image via found object)

Today, February 16, marks the 29th anniversary of the death of Keith Haring.

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Feb 14 2019
Centineo's Fur + PrEP Star Dies @ 44 + Gay-Bashing Thugs Caught + Rep. Omar Goes For Blood + Ryan Adams Accused + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Bow to the Booty King.

BELOW: Cute Noah Centineo, gay-bashing thugs captured in Austin, Manafort's plea deal erased and more ...

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