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Oct 26 2022
Show Me Your Cox! + Murdered Gay Men Remembered At Rally + Oz Invites Local Politicos Into A Woman's Abortion Decision + Theo James Flashing D + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Tumblr_inline_ngwaoxauC71sj0dks540Hot stuff, coming through! (GIF via GIPHY)

ABOVE: Check out my Dylan McDermott tribute here.

BELOW: Keep reading for Charlie Cox, Rihanna, John Fetterman and (sadly) a bunch of bullshit, too ...

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Oct 17 2022
Tennis Playa + Kevin Spacey Says Dad Was Neo-Nazi + Kanye West Buying Parler + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Self-effacing.

BELOW: Keep reading for tennis booty, RIP Joyce Sims, A Strange Loop and Spoiler Alert news ...

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Oct 10 2022
David Pevsner: Naked Author + His Thighs Adored Ya + More BROS Second-Guessing + L.A. Council Prez Resigns Over Racist Comments + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Something-something end zone.

BELOW: Naked author, a racist Dem steps down, Ross Lynch's body-ody-ody and more ...

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Oct 06 2022
Queer Fashion + Erotic Bakery + Christian Woman Loses It In Library + Barbra Streisand's New Old Album + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I want the underwear! I want the underwear!

BELOW: Keep reading for queer fashion, erotic baked goods, a new book from Fenton Bailey and more ...

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Sep 28 2022
Was Frankenstein The First BROS? + Dahmer's Last Victim's Tragic Life + HOCUS POCUS ... 3?! + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: Some fur for you.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot horror, a hate criminal on the loose, Italian fears and more ...

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Sep 22 2022
BRO-ing To The Movies + IRISH FARMER CALENDAR + Hamm On His Meat + Ginni To Chat With 1/6 Committee + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Marketing.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot calendar, Ginni in the hot seat, Jon Hamm's hot pocket and more ...

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Sep 18 2022
Spencer House Gets Naked + Check Out This Podcast I Did! + Who Outed Lance Bass To His Teen GF + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Find another guy hotter than the late Nicholas Clay. I'll wait.

BELOW: Keep reading for much, much more ...

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Sep 12 2022
NBA Star Anthony Edward Knocks Queer-Ass N****** On Twitter, Promptly Apologizes Comments (0)

Anthony-edwards-queer-ass-n-man-video-boyculture-gay-apology(Image via video still)

Welp, on the plus side, this is the first pejorative use of queer I've heard in 25 years, since we re-claimed it.

NBA player Anthony Edwards, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, posted a video he apparently shot of a group of shirtless, seemingly gay men, with his voice-over:

Look at these queer-ass n******, man. Look what the world done came to.

A woman giggles as he speaks.

He's only 21, which some are using as a defense — including Edwards, who apologized with:

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