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Oct 11 2021
You're Welcome: MV's Core Satin Line Comments (0)

Boyculture-Core_satin_line_post_square (6)I'll take one of everyone! I mean ... everything! (Images via Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi's Core Satin Line is here, and the models' cores look well-attended-to:

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Oct 08 2021
Coming Out ... Of Their Clothes: Celebrating Recently Out Hotties Comments (0)

Monday is National Coming Out Day, and MrMan is celebrating with some of their favorite celebrities who have come out as their true selves in recent years. Plus we’re giving you some eye candy with their hottest shots.

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Oct 02 2021
Calendar Boys + COVID-19 Deaths Top 700,000 + David Lee Roth Retiring + Donna Summer's Greatest + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I secreted a picture of Sting in his Dune scanties under my bed as a teen.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot calendar, COVID kills 700,000, secession talk heats up and more ...

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Oct 01 2021
You're Welcome: Leather Legacy Line By Modus Vivendi Comments (0)

Boyculture-Leather_Legacy_line_logo (5)Reflections of, the way life used to be ... (Images by Kris Micallef)

Here comes the Leather Legacy Line from Modus Vivendi! The shots, by Kris Micallef, show off Anton Schembri and Raphael Pace to best advantage.

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Sep 27 2021
You're Welcome: Modus Vivendi's New Popular Line Comments (0)

Boyculture-The_popular_line_no_logo (17)Larger-Than-Average Man on Campus! (All images by Joan Crisol for Modus Vivendi)

Are you ready for a back-to-school look?

Modus Vivendi has launched its Popular Line, and is showing it off in pics by Joan Crisol featuring Paolo Bellucci, Luis Beltran and Martin Ivanov.

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Sep 21 2021
Fleshback: JAG-Off Material Comments (0)

David-James-Elliott-in-GCB-episode-1x03-05Just woof. (Image via video still)

Gr8erDays on IG's Mantique of the Day for September 21 is ageless David James Elliott. (Not really — he turns 61 today.)

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Hard For Hardy Comments (0)

Via MrMan: Ben Hardy hasn't been in the biz for a long time, but he's been in it for a good time. The British Ben is 30 and got his start in 2012, since then he's taken on a number of memorable roles — though nothing as memorable (and sexy and nude!) as in 2021's The Voyeurs.

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Sep 08 2021
Hemsworth's Busy Body + MARY TYLER MOORE Survivors + Biden's Agenda > Manchin & Sinema + Firing Kellyanne Conway (Again) + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 40 years of age. Let that sink in.

BELOW: Keep reading for a DWTS gay-plosion, Biden's latest judge picks, some Mary Tyler Moore birthdays and deathdays, how a gay rep is helping push back against the California recall on Grindr and more...

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