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Dec 11 2018
Fleshback: Jean Marais Comments (0)

A little gay — excuse the bi erasure, bi — history.

More here — follows appreciated!

Dec 06 2018
Bi Buzzcocks Singer Pete Shelley Dies @ 63 Comments (0)

R-1131494-1349998853-4033.jpegPete Shelley: April 17, 1955-December 6, 2018 (Image via Genetic)

Bisexual rocker Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks has died suddenly at age 63 in Estonia.

The suspected cause, according to his grieving brother, was a heart attack.

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Nov 13 2018
Fleshback: Dack Rambo Comments (0)

Who can forget this beauty, gone too soon?

More Blasts from the Past HERE!

Oct 16 2018
Girl Culture! Comments (0)

Zina34(Image via Marching in Their Footsteps)

I'm proud that my shot of the late, great Edie Windsor is part of the worthy Marching in Their Footsteps campaign!

Oct 15 2018
Bryan Singer, The Subject Of An Upcoming #MeToo Piece, Calls Stories About His Sexual Misdeeds FICTION Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.22.54 AM... of careers? (Image via Instagram @bryanjaysinger)

Bryan Singer is trying to get out in front of an upcoming Esquire exposé, one that sounds like it could be the end of him this time ...

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Sep 17 2018
The Rise Of Noah Centineo + Tom Arnold vs. Mark Burnett + Soon-Yi Previn Speaks + Kellyanne Says Kavanaugh's Accuser Should Be Heard + Evan Peters Naked + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Damn! I forgot to exercise. Ever.

BELOW: Keep reading for why Noah Centineo is so ah-mahhhazing, Hillary's first post-election op-ed, Soon-Yi Previn's defense of her husband (and herself), Tom Arnold's alleged assault at the hands of Mark Burnett (who was the survivor?), hot tennis ass and more ...

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Sep 05 2018
Hedges Opens Up On Not Being Straight + Dark Side Of Standom + Scientology vs. Lesbian + Alex Jones vs. Marco Rubio + Gay Double Date With Dad + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Better red!

BELOW: Lucas Hedges opens up on his sexual orientation, Marco Rubio gets feisty with Alex Jones, Raquel Welch is pushin' 80, some tennis-player buns, the dark side of standom, and more ...

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Jul 26 2018
Scotty Bowers Measures Up As A Sex Icon In Newly Unearthed Photos! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.43.35 PMScotty Bowers has been sexually fluid since childhood! (All images courtesy of Scotty Bowers/Brigade)

It's no secret that I was a fan of the salacious Scotty Bowers memoir (full review here), and am an even bigger fan of Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, the Matt Tyrnauer documentary on the notorious hustler and pimp's storied life that comes out Friday, July 27.

One thing that fed skepticism in the tawdry stories from his book — but that also makes sense if you take him at his word regarding his countless couplings with A-list stars, randy studio employees, married businessmen and other assorted horndogs — was the absence of images showing Scotty with any stars, or at least in action.

S-l1600-1The original fake news! (Image via movie still)

As handsome as he appeared in old photos, especially during his WWII days, the now-95-year-old Bowers was sort of a blank slate. You knew what he was telling you he was capable of, and what he had done, you knew he was supposedly well-endowed enough to stir drinks with it, but you couldn't quite picture it. 

Imagining Scotty getting off with the likes of Spencer Tracy or gaily enjoying a threesome with Cary Grant and Randolph Scott got a little easier with the release of the doc, which — incredibly! — coughs up footage of Scotty at a Hollywood (no stars) orgy in the '50s or early '60s.

Scotty Addresses Why He Didn't Do Much Porn: 

Now, you'll have an even easier time seeing Scotty as an in-demand sex machine ...

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