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May 19 2020
The Domino's Boy, He Delivers + Gay Dads Adopt Via Zoom + Trump's COVID-19 Czar Is A Swamp Monster + RIP Eddie Haskell + No Obama Portrait For You + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This quote does not help me.

BELOW: This Domino's worker delivers, gay dads Zoom to adopt, RIP Eddie Haskell (whose performances were always so lovely) and more ...

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Apr 29 2020
Masked Hottie Revealed (And Stripped) + The Birth Of Leslie Jordan + Hillary: I'M WITH HIM + Stacey Abrams Is, Too + HOLLYWOOD Reviews + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Your occasional reminder that Bruce Weber has never said he's gay.

BELOW: Keep reading for a masked hottie revealed, Leslie Jordan's b'day blast from the past, Biden endorsed by Hillary, I don't believe Tara Reade, Hollywood getting trashed and more ...

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Jan 23 2020
Todd Irvin, '80s Model, Dies @ 66 Comments (0)

Irvin at the peak of his powers (Image via Christian Dior Underwear)

One of my favorite '80s male models, stunner Todd Irvin, has died.

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Dec 02 2019
(Almost) Tennis Balls + Trump Misreads Zelensky + Conways' Civil War + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I need to see the new Pedro Almódar film.

BELOW: Keep reading for tennis thighs, the Conway Civil War and more ...

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Jan 24 2019
WORKING OUT Our Gay Fantasies: How Charles Hix & Ken Haak Pumped Up Queer Desire Comments (0)

ScanNice work, if you can get it. (Image via Ken Haak/Simon & Schuster)

Hard at Work

Where were you when Working Out by Charles Hix with photography by Ken Haak was published?

I ask it that way because I think for gay men who IMG_7251were kids or teens in 1983, that and similar — you should pardon the expression — trade books, like its precursor Looking Good (1977) and the more openly libidinous Boy Crazy by Karen Hardy (1984), were beacons of beefcake prior to the influx of mainstream male appreciation.

The book was ostensibly a guide for men looking to have supermodel bodies, subtitled The Total Shape-Up Guide for Men, but Haak's sensual black-and-white photography owed more to the closety physique mags of the '40s, '50s and '60s than to fitness. I believe it was late MuscleMag publisher Robert Kennedy who once identified how some fitness magazines seemed gay because of a subtle perception that the models were “seducible” — by men; this is what Haak's photography, like Bruce Weber's before him, exuded.

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Apr 03 2018
You're Welcome: Tucker Des Lauriers Comments (0)

Tucker Des Lauriers(Image by Taylor Miller for Desnudo)

Tucker Des Lauriers has it all. And it's often on display ...

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Jan 13 2018
Hawaiian Missile Crisis = False Alarm + CALL ME BY YOUR Oscars + Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Franco Zeffirelli, James Franco Hit With #MeToo Stories + Legendary Lana — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: He was one of my #2017bestnine, unsurprisingly!

Below: Keep reading for a false alarm in Hawaii, Call Me by Your Name's loss of steam, some probably-not-so-false alarms about sexual abuse, and a fun look back at La Lana ...

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Oct 14 2017
Ronnie Kroell Calls Out GAY GATE-KEEPERS In Hollywood For Harassment, Duncan Roy Names Bryan Singer, Bruce Weber, Terry Richardson Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.50.51 PMRonnie Kroell, who made his name on Make Me a Supermodel, is speaking out about the powerful gay men in modeling and Hollywood who spend too much time thinking, “I wanna make me a supermodel!”

Kroell first posted on Facebook that sexual harassment doesn't only happen to women, and later granted an interview to NBC4 News on the topic ...

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