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Sep 29 2018
A Booty Is Born Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 10.10.46 PM(Image via video still)

Bryan Hawn's newest video is a gentle parody of A Star Is Born (which comes out October 5, awash in good reviews) ...

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Jul 24 2018
Bryan Hawn Takes RISE UP Literally Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 10.34.25 PM(Image via Bryan Hawn)

Bryan's booty is old hat? No problem — he's workin' the other side of town now ...

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May 21 2018
Nice Ash! Bryan Hawn Covers Céline Dion's ASHES Comments (0)

Ashes 7(Image via Bryan Hawn)

Bryan Hawn covers Céline Dion's new Deadpool 2 theme “Ashes,” and does it all covered up ...

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Mar 04 2018
Facebook's Increasingly Anti-Gay, Outsourced Community Standards Policies Comments (0)

River CWhat is wrong with this picture?!

It's Oscar night, when I would normally be doing a run-down of the show minute by minute on — where else? — Facebook.

And yet I can't do that. Why? Because this post was determiend by someone at Facebook to be against its standards.


It's a simple post, like 1,000 others I've done, like countless millions others have done, of a cute dude (Bryan Hawn) in a swimsuit. That's it. There is no nudity, there is no implied nudity (maybe they have given up on outsourcing their censorship to right-wing goons overseas and are instead relying on software that mistakenly things Bryan is nude here, rather than wearing a somewhat flesh-colored suit?), there is not an obscene bulge or VPI, there is no hint of his butt showing.


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Feb 23 2018
Butt Pirates Of The Caribbean: Bryan Hawn & Nick Dent Go All Hot DILFs Of Disney Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Bryan Hawn)

Bryan Hawn — with help from Nick Dent — covers “Stranger Things” by One Republic, and then somehow managed to film the guts of the parody at, literally at, Disneyland ...

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Feb 03 2018
Bryan Hawn's CHEAT CODES — He's Trying Out Clothes ... And Women! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 1.07.17 AM(Video still via Bryan Hawn)

He's expanding his horizons ...

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Jan 15 2018
The Gaze: Bryan Hawn's New STARGAZING Stud Comments (0)

Bryan Hawn includes Andrew Adorno in his latest miniromance, a take on Kygo's “Stargazing” ...

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Jan 03 2018
The #2017bestnine Of My Best 4 Comments (0)

BoyCultureDotCom Insta Best 9 2017

Follows and likes on these Insta accounts are very much appreciated, and help stave off my long-threatened retirement:

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