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Aug 04 2020
GAME OF BONES + Black Family Cuffed + Trump Dithers On COVID-19 Stats + Unreleased Tom Moulton Mixes + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You can still watch Broadway Bares, but you'll need to take a rain check on “Rotation.”

BELOW: Keep reading for a Fire island gay old time, Kit Harington's adjustment, Trump's most doddering interview yet and more ...

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Jul 28 2020
What Would Mom And Dad Say? Comments (0)

Micah Plath is one of the umpteen kids of the Jesus-fearing, home-schooling family profiled on Welcome to Plathville on TLC. He's also 19 and works out. These things may be at odds, as demonstrated by the fully sexy photo he posted from one of his first physique shoots.

Will we win one over to secular glory, or will he amass an IG following of drooling fans, only to sock us with a Trump 2020 post later on?

Coming Out At 90 + Emmy Noms + Helmut Newton Doc + Raunchy Game Show + Vintage Thirst Traps + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Shrink, expand — just make 'em fit.

BELOW: Keep reading for a jock coming out as bi, a 90-year-old coming out as gay, a helluva game show, a helluva documentary and a Boomer flashback for the ages ...

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Jul 26 2020
SO Many Men ... Comments (0)

Richard-gere-american-gigolo-gr8erdaysSwitching Geres (Image via Paramount)

Richard Gere is just one of the many men of ... Paul Shrader. That, plus Woody Strode, Bowie kicks, the death of Mercurochrome, pop-cultural treasures and more: GR8ERDAYS.

Jul 19 2020
LGBTQ Hair Parade + Gun-Toters Used In Trump Ad + RIP Brigid Berlin + Christian Author Comes Out + The Plague Belt + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Precocious!

BELOW: Keep reading for hair as self-expression, the Plague Belt, another dead Warhol Superstar, an Evangelical Christian author who just came out as religiously gay and more ...

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Jul 18 2020
You're Welcome: Scott Morton For FACTORY FANZINE Comments (0)

Nosebleed Cowboy - Scott Morton by Baldovino Barani for FACTORY Fanzine (22) boyculture(All images by Baldovino Barani)

“Nosebleed Cowboy” is the title of this FACTORY Fanzine Issue XXVIII spread by, of course, founder Baldovino Barani.

Nosebleed Cowboy - Scott Morton by Baldovino Barani for FACTORY Fanzine (21) boyculture

The cowpoke is  Scott Morton, and he is in Americana underwear from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Guess, Lonsdale and Rufskin.

Nosebleed Cowboy - Scott Morton by Baldovino Barani for FACTORY Fanzine (23) boyculture

Giddyup ...

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Jul 17 2020
Pietro Boselli vs. The David + Two Of The Craziest Karens Yet + Fyre Festival's Andy King's Young Love + Georgia Governor Sues To Endanger People + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Max Ehrich is not letting lockdown go to waist.

BELOW: Keep reading for the most incredible Pietro Boselli image yet, two of the absolute worst Karens yet, the Fyre Festival guy's 26-year-old love, the governor of Georgia's attempt to get us all killed and more ...

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Jul 15 2020
Stacked Shoot + Kanye Is Out + Colorado Bans Conversion Therapy + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I'm actually shocked this is real, but Vanity Fair never in its history had a Black photographer shoot its cover — until now. Dario Calmese, congrats!

BELOW: Keep reading for a hung talent, Kanye drops out, a Republican governor gets COVID-19 (awww!) and more ...

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