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Jun 30 2022
Is Peacock's QUEER AS FOLK As Hot As The Original? Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Everyone is buzzing about the 2022 Queer as Folk reboot on Peacock ... but how does this new series compare to the original 1999 Queer as Folk series, as well as to the 2000 American one? That’s up for you to decide.

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Jun 28 2022
NYC Pride March 2022: That's Progress Comments (0)

2 boyculture-IMG_9844*****Love, Michael (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

My day at the NYC Pride March began at 11 a.m. and ended around 5 p.m. — and my feet are still refusing to let me forget it.

Boyculture-IMG_9302Among the first two people I encountered

But it was worth it.

Boyculture-IMG_9288First pic of the day set the tone — SO MANY young queers!

I know there is plenty of reason for cynicism — Deutsche Bank had a bus in the march — but every year I go, I'm uplifted by the sheer number of ecstatic, happy, ostentatious, proud people. For as many years as I can remember, I have also always been buoyed by the diversity, even before that became a buzzword. The sense of community is palpable.

It was also the first year the Progress Pride Flag seemed more prevalent than the usual Rainbow Pride Flag.

Boyculture-IMG_9543 copyColoring outside the lines

I shot the whole thing, pretty much, and an distilling here 100+ of my favorite photos, including some of the countless images I took of joy-filled Love, Victor star Michael Cimino, who set a new standard for allyship by stripping to the waist, dousing himself with water and running along the route in order to plug the Trevor Project.


Boyculture-IMG_9427Let's get this started!


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Jun 24 2022
Daryl McCormack: GOOD LUCK With That! Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man: Biracial Irish hunk Daryl McCormack is the boy toy we didn’t know we needed until we saw the new Hulu Original Film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. Daryl plays the titular sex worker who is hired by widowed teacher Emma Thompson to help her have her first orgasm in her sixties.

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Jun 20 2022
FREE FALL Will Give You All The Feels Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Free Fall is a 2013 German gay drama that paved the way for movies like God’s Own Country and the recently-released Firebird. The sexy actor Hanno Koffler stars as a man with a pregnant wife, who nonetheless falls for another man while away at a police training camp.

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Jun 17 2022
THE BOYS Is Back In Town Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Amazon Prime’s superhero series The Boys is back for its third go-around, and this season is its hottest yet! Where do we even start?

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Jun 14 2022
Kylie (You Know Which One) On Being A Gay Icon + RIP Philip Baker Hall + WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW Over + Kim's Assault On Marilyn's Gown + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Pretty funny, and yet still pretty hot.

BELOW: Keep reading for a chat with Kylie, Kim trashing Marilyn permanently, BTS on hold and more ...

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Jun 08 2022
Lil Nas X: FUCK BET! + Madonna Movie Gets Its Madonna? + Kylie Minogue On Kylie Jenner + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Good month for Tomás — featured in Fire Island on Hulu, featured in a Fenty campaign.

BELOW: Lil Nas X using gay rights as a verb, McConaughey for gun control, Kylie on Kylie and more ...

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Jun 04 2022
Ken Clark: Front-Loaded Fleshback Comments (0)

How's the hair up there?!  (GIF via GIPHY)

Remembering hirsute — and hung — hunk Ken Clark! Keep reading, and follow Gr8erDays here ...

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