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Sep 21 2020
Around-The-World Premiere: Cazwell's Sticky & Sweet ICE CREAM TRUCK 2020 Comments (0)

Cazwell-gay-shirtless-ice-cream-truck-2020-boycultureHis sugar is raw ... (Images via SnowCone NYC)

Queer rapper Cazwell is trying his best to save 2020, and he's doing it with a quarantine-friendly remake (song and video) of his iconic song “Ice Cream Truck” called — because let's reclaim this awful year — “Ice Cream Truck 2020.”

Themed to Candy Land, the tasty video is the vision of Caz and director Connor Catalano, and includes trans male representation in the form of activist Ezra Michel.

The video also invites back some of the ooey-gooey-yummy snacks from the original 2010 (!) video, including hung Geronimo Frias ...

... and Alex Maravilla!

Your eyes will scream, but keep reading for the amazing new video ...

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Jun 19 2019
Practice Self-Love With Cazwell & His Hot New I LOVE YOU Video Comments (0)

UnnamedWhat's not to love? (Image via YouTube @cazwellofficial)

The new Cazwell video — “I Love You” — is a love letter ... to himself! ...

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Jul 10 2018
You Got CAKES? Cazwell's Got Icing ... Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Cazwell)

The new Cazwell video “Cakes” is rising nicely ...

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Mar 06 2018
She's Done Tryin', Cis — I Mean Sis!: Peppermint's Anthem Comments (0)


Peppermint and Cazwell's Blend is a trans anthem for the ages ... even if Peppermint shouldn't have those things out in church!

Great song and video; never really noticed how a church aisle is a runway ...

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Dec 18 2015
Holiday Mixer Comments (0)


Cazwell wishes you happy holidays with a free mix tape, Extra Protection. Bypassing any claims of cultural appropriation, he appropriates a specific person on the cover—Grace Jones.

The mix includes Cazwell's own music, plus stuff by Nicki Minaj, Drake and more.

Dec 01 2015
Be-All, End-All: Cazwell's Spicy New Video Comments (0)


Check out Cazwell's new “¡Spicy!” video, “an ode to the culo,” after the jump ...

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Aug 11 2015
Hard Or Limp BISCUIT? Comments (0)


The attire in Cazwell's new music video for “Biscuit” is described as Middle Eastern hip-hop, but it just looks like terrorist (the bullets?) fetish-wear to me.

Check out the video and see if you find it fun and fabulous or a little tacky or both ...

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Sep 10 2014
The Best Revenge Is Living Cazwell Comments (0)


Out rapper Cazwell is back with his album Hard 2 B Fresh, available now on iTunes, with an immediate, free DL of his single “Dance Like You Got Good” (feat. Cherie Lily). Get to it.