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Aug 06 2020
DIFFERENT STARS Performance To Benefit QORDS Comments (0)

Qords-gay-lgbtq-camp-karl-st-lucy-boycultureA week from Saturday, Different Stars: A Reckoning with Time, Trauma and Circumstance — a new LGBTQ song cycle for four voices composed/written by Karl Saint Lucy — will be performed by some of NYC's leading cabaret and music stars.

Look and listen for James Jackson Jr., Victoria Huston-Elem, Danielle Buonaiuto and Karl Saint Lucy to bring this new work to life.

Directed by Raquel Cion, the webcast is free, and will benefit the charity QORDS, dedicated to LGBTQ youth ages 12-17 in the American South.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 8.52.13 PM

The free livestream happens Saturday, August 15, at 7 p.m. ET. HERE.

More about QORDS:

Aug 04 2020
Massive Explosion In Beirut Chalked Up To 2,700 Tons Of Carelessly Stored Ammonium Nitrate Comments (0)

Beirut-explosion-boycultureAn explosion that rocked Beirut Tuesday has killed 70+ (at least) and injured thousands. The fierce blast — viewed countless times on video because it occurred after an initial fire that attracted attention — packed about as much of a punch as a small nuclear device.

It is thought that the explosion was triggered by some 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse at the harbor, an egregious and fatal error. It had apparently been confiscated up to six years ago.

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GAME OF BONES + Black Family Cuffed + Trump Dithers On COVID-19 Stats + Unreleased Tom Moulton Mixes + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You can still watch Broadway Bares, but you'll need to take a rain check on “Rotation.”

BELOW: Keep reading for a Fire island gay old time, Kit Harington's adjustment, Trump's most doddering interview yet and more ...

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Jul 27 2020
Sen. Cotton: SLAVERY NECESSARY EVIL + Sen. Cruz vs. Wait Staff + Trump's Star-Dudded Convention + Anti-Maskers Go Full Nazi + Rent THE RENTAL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Walking jack underwear-boycultureNice A (Image by Blake Yelavich for Walking Jack)

ABOVE: That's the Walking Jack Letters Brief on this model, shot by Blake Yelavich.

BELOW: Keep reading for Cotton picking a fight, Cruz hates hard workers, Trump's star-dudded convention, creeptastic thriller The Rental and more ...

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Jul 14 2020
Dyllón Burnside Burns + MYTHBUSTERS Host Dies + Ricky Martin On Coming Out + Naya Rivera Found Dead + Angela Davis Explains Why It's Biden 2020 + MORE! — 16-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Comes in handy.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot Pose-er, Ricky Martin's out-coming dance, Naya Rivera found dead and more  ...

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Jul 08 2020
Helping Out-Of-Work Queens During The Pandemic Comments (0)

Daniel-nardicio-boycultureCOVID-19 is a drag ... (Image by Koitz)

Promoter Daniel Nardicio and GMHC are launching a GoFundMe for the Fire Island Covid Destroyers — a fund to help Fire Island talent, unemployed due to the pandemic, stay on their heels. Donate here.

Jun 24 2020
Nicholas Hoult vs. Nudity + Mondaire Jones Wins + Ex-Pro Soccer Player: I'M GAY + How Gay Was I LOVE LUCY? + The History Of Aunt Jemima's Nancy Green + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Britney Spears, probably the quietest gay-icon diva on LGBTQ issues, piped up with some Pride love. Listening to and watching this, yes, I appreciate that she said something, but no, I will never understand the appeal, other than: She was the most popular female singer when you were 12.

BELOW: Keep reading for Nicholas Hoult's feet, Mondaire Jones victorious, an ex-pro soccer player comes out, the real story of Aunt Jemima, just how gay I Love Lucy was and more ...

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Jun 22 2020
Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Show Off Their Boys + POSE-A-THON + Petty's Daughter Goes Off On Trump + Ryan Phillippe's Gay Past + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Trailblazer!

BELOW: Keep reading for Anderson Cooper's baby, empty COVID-19 promises, a Pose-A-Thon and more ...

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