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Jan 18 2021
Gay-Porn Creator Matthew Camp Cheats Death After HALLOWEEN HOUSE Home Set Ablaze Comments (0)

Arson-matthew-camp-gay-boycultureCamp has no personal possessions after the murder attempt. (Images via Instagram)

Matthew Camp, for years a gay sex symbol — and sex worker advocate — known for his high-end amateur porn, was nearly killed when an unknown person arrived at the home in which he was living, doused the porch in gasoline and fled.

Help Matthew Camp HERE

According to a pair of GoFundMe accounts set up to assist Camp and his roommate, Six Carter:

In the early morning of January 14, 2021, Matthew Camp's home shared with his friend Six Carter was targeted in an apparent hate crime where an unknown person poured gasoline on the front porch creating an explosion that woke Matthew up giving him moments to get himself and roommate out in safety.

The entire home eventually burned for 3+ hours leaving no personal possessions salvageable inside. Camera footage caught the attack (see below) and the perpetrator is being sought for attempted murder by the authorities.

Just an hour ago, Camp took to Instagram to alert friends and fans to the bleak situation, writing:

January 14, 2021. An arsonist poured gasoline on the front porch of my home and set it on fire in an apparent hate crime. I was asleep inside. I am alive to face this person one day but everything I have ever owned is gone. Share this story because queer people are still under attack all over the world. Our voices will not be silenced.

Right now I’m just living day to day trying to piece together what’s left. If you are able to help theres a link in my bio. Thank you for the love and support and continued fight to keep our queer families safe.

This was no ordinary home. Built over 100 years ago in Poughkeepsie, New York, the dwelling was known as “Halloween House” for its Addams Family look — and the fact that it was a hub for satanists. Formerly owned by Joe “Netherworld” Mendillo, who died in 2020, the home was known locally for its devilish decorations.

Peter H. Gilmore, high priest of the Church of Satan, said:

Those who took the time to research our religion learned that it is not devil worship but instead an atheist philosophy of individualism, liberty and self-fulfillment. Whether they felt sympathetic to those views or not, [Mendillo] was always gracious and offered people advice on gardening, home restoration and décor, among other topics. He was a knowledgeable man and generous to those requesting his informed perspective.

Isis Vermouth, a member of the Church of Satan, was less philosophical in her assessment:

Everybody’s in shock and everyone in the neighborhood is worried. Whoever did this is going to be hexed by all of us. Now there’s going to be hell to pay.

Camp had just bought the home in October. There are no leads other than the video (which shows a person covered head-to-toe), so there is no telling yet whether the home's notorious past or Camp's sexual orientation will wind up being factors.

Tragic — and such a close call for the two men inside.

Watch the video for any clues:

Jan 02 2021
Out Rugby Player + Soho Karen Revealed! + Busy Philipps' Child Is 12 & Gay + Watch The Gay Cruise Actually Sink + Remembering Broadway's Losses + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)


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Dec 14 2020
Hunter Doohan's Donk + Sweaty Tennis Pro + RIP To A Gay Rising Star + COVID-19 Vaccine Hits NYC + Ivanka For Senate? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hit me with your best shot.

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Dec 09 2020
Anti-Gay Politico Caught With Shirtless Boy + Reno's Heart Of Gold + Buttigieg's Post + Giuliani's Fate + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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Nov 10 2020
An Actor Goes Full-Frontal + He Alleged Voter Fraud, But He Lied + FAMILY TIES Reunion + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I mean, Marlon Brando. (More here, follows are helpful!)

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Michael Cohen, Matthew Camp Fan + Wentworth Miller: I'LL ONLY PLAY GAY + Dan Quayle To Trump: MOVE ON + Senate Battle + Jacob Elordi's Lessons + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

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Oct 26 2020
Bette Midler On Hulaween, HOCUS POCUS 2: I'M GAME! Comments (0)

Bette-midler-hocus-pocus-2-boyculture “I'm game!” (Image via video still)

Bette Midler granted a long, newsy interview to Rosanna Scotto on FOX 5's Good Day New York to talk about her annual Hulaween charity event, this time themed to Hocus Pocus. Tickets for the Friday, October 30, event are at NYRP.org.

In Search of the Sanderson Sisters: A Hocus Pocus Hulaween Takeover will stream one time only, and is hosted by Elvira with guests:

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Oct 25 2020
Join These Cool Cats & Kittens For A CATS4COVID Relief Performance Comments (0)

Cats-bcefa-boycultureThe Me-ow generation (Image via BC/EFA)

Check out this fun Cats-powered benefit on behalf of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This event is only up through October 27, and has already raised close to 20 grand.

Don't miss its memorable “Memory” by Leslie Ellis.

Watch now:

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