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Feb 08 2024
Jonathan Bailey Soaking Wet + Tom Garratt's Amazing Reaction To JO Video Leak + Cole Escola Takes Over The World + Eternally Hot James Dean + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Still cool after all these years.

BELOW: Keep reading for the rugby jack-off scandal, Jonathan Bailey dripping wet and more ...

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Jan 28 2024
Colman Domingo's 2 Big Career Movies + Iran-Backed Drone Attack Kills 3 In Lebanon + Timberlake On SNL + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Relatable content.

BELOW: Keep reading for Colman Domingo, Justin Timberlake and more ...

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Jan 25 2024
Jake Gyllenhaal, ROAD HOUSE-boy + Colman Domingo's Moment + Lil Nas X On Madonna, His Doc & His Shame + Florida Republicans Wanna Ban Social Media For Kids + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Steve Reeves Wish You Were Here(Image via vintage still)

ABOVE: Relatable content to balance out the Jake Gyllenhaal things to come.

BELOW: Jake Gyllenhaal's tits, Lil Nas X fanboys out, Colman Domingo's moment and more ...

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Jan 23 2024
Colman Domingo Scores Oscar Nomination For RUSTIN — OPPENHEIMER, KILLERS, POOR THINGS, BARBIE & More Get Nods Comments (0)

Colman-domingo-rustin-boycultureDomingo, seen in Rustin, was also in The Color Purple this year. (Image via Netflix)

Colman Domingo has been nominated for Best Actor for his committed portrayal of Black queer trailblazer Bayard Rustin in Rustin, a terrific performance in a solid film that helps remind us — and those who would rather forget us — of our history.

Artworks-yFnsqwchrRB39Ayy-N4TUDw-t500x500Domingo's name was called early Tuesday morning, but Andrew Scott's (All of Us Strangers) — a dark horse, to be sure — was nowhere to be found.

Bullet point: Domingo is the first out gay actor to be nominated for playing a gay character in 25 years — and it only happened once before, with Sir Ian McKellen's 1999 nomination for Gods & Monsters.

More surprisingly, in the Best Supporting Actor category, Sterling K. Brown slipped in for American Fiction. That's a really good film that I liked a lot, but I have to say I think Brown's gay character is ridiculous. I really think Brown benefits from his Emmy-winning brand more than the actual performance, though the Academy did show it was really interested in nominating performers playing (and in some cases being!) gay this year, with not only Jodie Foster scoring a Best Supporting Actress nod for Nyad (not so surprising), but Annette Bening coming from nowhere to achieve another Best Actress nod for the same film.

It would seem Bening, a longtime Oscar bridesmaid, replaced Margot Robbie for Barbie. That Barbie was not nominated and Ken (Ryan Gosling) was is Hollywood accidentally proving the point of the movie — which was nominated for Best Picture, but which was not nominated for Best Director for Greta Gerwig. (The only woman in that category is the very deserving Justine Triet for the absorbing Anatomy of a Fall. Celine Song, for Past Lives, had been another possibility.)

Oppenheimer ruled the day, with a massive 13 nominations.

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