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Jan 02 2023
Hot Selfie + Navratilova Has Cancer X 2 + Mel C Drops Poland Gig Over LGBTQ Policies + Gun Control, Gender & Cheri Oteri + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Reminder from Kyiv drag queens that drag isn't deadly, but it's resilient.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot models, Ginni's GITMO text, a dangerous book and more ...

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Dec 04 2022
Trump: TERMINATE Constitution + Gay Ex-Rep Kolbe Dies @ 80 + Chris Christie's Karen Niece Arrested + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Remembering the late Tales of the City star, plus all the other b'days of December 4.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump trashing the Constitution, gay ex-rep Kolbe dies, more on those NYC druggings-gone-bad and more ...

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Nov 25 2022
Welcome To Nudity + Kanye/Trump/Milo/Fuentes Hate Fest In (Of Course) Florida + Gay Serial Killer + Naked Calendars + MORE! — 12-pack Comments (0)

ABOVE: So far, Facebook's answer to losing 2-factor authentication is ... bye. And now Musk is openly welcoming white supremacy to Twitter. So follow my various Instagram accounts (here, here, here — depending on your tastes). It's my least useful social media presence for me, but might be the last man standing.

BELOW: Keep reading for Chippendales nudity, Kanye & Trump & Fuentes, calendars showing skin and more ...

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Nov 24 2022
Colorado Shooter's Porn-Actor Dad Is Glad He Isn't Gay + Tucker Carlson Calls Pete Buttigieg A Liar + Mariah Carey's Parade Gear + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I'm thankful for peeks.

BELOW: Keep reading for the Colorado shooter's dad, the Walmart shooter's victims, Russia becoming even more anti-gay and more ...

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Nov 23 2022
Art Of The Naked Man + Club Q Shooter's Cynical Ploy + Walmart Mass Shooting: The Manager Did It + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Grease-y kid stuff.

BELOW: Keep reading for a natural man, Trump's tax loss, Musk's fascist takeover continues to depress and more ...

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Nov 22 2022
Club Q Hero Speaks + Why Isn't Matt Gaetz Charged Yet? + Pence Okay With Obergefell + Sinbad's Torturous Recovery + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Daddy robe!

BELOW: Keep reading for the Club Q hero, a high-profile complaint about why Gaetz's case is taking forever and more ...

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Nov 21 2022
Will Sharpe On Theo James Kissin' On Him + Grief & Anger In Colorado Springs + Rainbow Shirt Temporarily Banned In Qatar + Musk's Love Affair With Hate + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: 'Memba him?!

BELOW: Will Sharpe on Theo James's kisses, grief and anger in Colorado Springs, NYC gay-bar attacker and more ...

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Nov 20 2022
Anderson Lee Aldrich, Club Q Murderer, Revealed As Right-Winger's Grandson, As 1st 2 Victims Are Named Comments (0)

Derrick rump boycultureDerrick Rump, one of the first dead victims named (Image via Facebook)

Anderson lee aldrich boycultureAnderson Lee Aldrich, 22, (childhood black-and-white-photo embedded) is the Colorado man under arrest for five murders and two dozen injuries at Club Q late Saturday, when he walked into the bar and shot the place up.

He used a long rifle and a handgun as his weapons of choice, and wreaked havoc before being stopped by two heroic patrons who rushed him, disarmed him and reportedly beat him down with his own handgun.

It has now been confirmed Aldrich is the grandson of Randy Voepel, a former mayor of Santee, California, who is an outgoing Republican — need I even say that? — state assemblyman from San Diego. Voepel's connection doesn't sound terribly tangential, since he was pro-insurrection to the extent that he compared January 6 to the Revolutionary War. This led to calls for his expulsion that went unheeded.

He was, nonetheless, defeated in an August primary.

Aldrich was arrested last year when he allegedly threatened his (also hardcore right-wing) mom with bombs and weapons, an arrest that followed a stand-off. And yet even after being charged with six felonies, he was not prosecuted in El Paso County. Why?

Daniel aston boycultureDaniel Aston (Image via Facebook)

Aldrich murdered five, including bartenders Derrick Trump and Daniel Aston. In an especially poignant twist, Aston was trans, and today is International Day of Transgender Remembrance.

Boyculture-Derrick-Rump-Daniel-Aston-gay-night-club-Just unspeakably tragic. (Image via social media)

Aston's mom Sherry told CPR.org:

He was the happiest he had ever been. He was thriving and having fun and having friends. It’s just unbelievable. He had so much more life to give to us and to all to his friends and to himself.

Her youngest child was murdered in a gay club just for being himself. It boggles the mind.