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Jul 26 2021
Jake Lacy's White Tuchus + Michael Flynn's Assassination Joke + Tom Daley On Winning The Gold + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Remembering handsome daddy Kiel Martin, who would actually be my little brother today since he died at 46. So I need to back off with the “daddy.”

AMG-Athletic-Model-Guild-shirtless-gay-Bob-Mizer-Physique-Pictorial-boycultureCheck out some classic AMG above, then check out the new Physique Pictorial, for which I do all the Q&As. (Image via AMG)

BELOW: Keep reading for Jake Lacy's butt, Tom Daley's gold, Michael Flynn's seditious assassination threat and more...

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Jul 24 2021
Ivo Dimchev Queer-Serenades Bulgaria + COVID-Deniers Are COVID Die-ers + Kavanaugh's Dirty Deeds + Happy Birthday Lynda Carter + Happy Death Day Jackie Mason + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: You'll see why below.

BELOW: Keep reading for queer Bulgarian sensation, Kavanaugh's dirty deeds, yet ANOTHER shameless Karen and more ...

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Jul 23 2021

Kay-ivey-covid-19-boycultureDisingenuous battle-axe (Image via video still)

Increasingly, the GOP, faced with a rising number of serious COVID-19 infections, mostly among the unvaccinated, is suddenly and without any acknowledgment of its complicity with the anti-Fauci, anti-vaxxer and conspiracy-theory movements, flipping the script, encouraging people to get the shot.

The latest example of this is Alabama's 76-year-old Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, who snapped when a reporter asked her about her state having the very worst vaccination rate in the U.S.

Her response is generating praise on social media. She said:

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Jul 22 2021
Once The Rumor Manspreads + Famous Skin Doc Threatens Gay Nabes + Tucker Carlson Trashes Black Cop + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: (Follow here!) Somehow, teen idol Bobby Sherman is 78!

BELOW: Keep reading for manspreading, Dax Shepard's ripped body, two gross incidents of hate crimes and more ...

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Jul 20 2021
New Zealand's Gay Diver + Anti-Vaxxer Dies Of (Guess What?) + Texas State Senate Enshrines White Supremacy In School Rules + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I almost missed Charles Pierce's 95th birth anniversary, but if you follow Gr8erDays, you won't miss most celeb b'days and nostalgic posts.

BELOW: Keep reading for an out Olympian from New Zealand, death (from COVID-19) of an anti-vaxxer, Texas state Senate goes full-on white supremacist and more ...

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Jul 15 2021
Minnesota Restricts Conversion Therapy + L.A. County Restores Mask Mandate + Anti-Gay Slasher Caught In Queens + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Big, bad Brad.

BELOW: Keep reading for Minnesota's new conversion therapy restrictions, L.A. County slipping back into the grip of COVID-19, anti-gay slasher nailed in Queens and more ...

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Jul 14 2021
Tyler Perry's Prostate Dialogue + Tennessee Goes Anti-Vaxxer + Blogger Mugged, Mugs Back + Texas Dems & Biden Push Voting Rights + Remembering Gay-Porn Legend Lance + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Lance-gay-porn-star-boyculture(Image via Torso/Matthew Rettenmund Archive)

ABOVE: A shot of Lance in his prime. Keep reading for more on him.

BELOW: Tyler Perry's soapy prostate exam, Kenneth Attacked in the (212) or (646), how Ken Starr saved Jeffrey Epstein and more ...

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Jul 12 2021
Louisiana Nurse Was An Anti-Vaxxer — But COVID-19 Is An Anti-Anti-Vaxxer Comments (0)

Guidry-nurse-boycultureFucked around, found out. (Images via Twitter)

Olivia Guidry, a registered nurse in the ER at Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital in Louisiana should have been fired.

How can a trained medical professional — with a heart issue — work in an emergency room and then go on social media and state that vaccines and COVID-19 tests were fake (a lie), change your DNA forever (a lie) and urge people not to get vaccinated during a pandemic?

She did that and more, but was not fired.

Instead, nature fired her — she got COVID-19 and died, even though a vaccination months ago would almost undoubtedly have saved her from being very sick, let alone dying in misery.

The story reporting her death is a puff piece that plays up how beloved she was as a nurse. Ironically, one of her co-workers refers to her smile as contagious.

But this is not fun and games. People with anti-scientific beliefs have every right to hold those beliefs, but do not have every right to be employed in hospitals.

Olivia-guidry-boyculture(Image via Twitter)