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Jul 07 2020
Kanye & Others Took COVID-19 Relief Loans + Trump's Sis: HE'S A CLOWN + Madonna's Underboob Game Strong + Bolsonaro Has COVID-19 + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Tom Bianchi, suck a dick.

BELOW: Keep reading for a stage show-off, how the rich got richer under Trump via COVID-19 relief, Bolsonaro tests positive (let's hope he had underlying conditions), good luck finding better boobs than Madonna's and more ...

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Costco Dan Underscores Why So Many White People Are Losing It: I FEEL THREATENED Comments (0)

Costco-dan-boycultureStating that he felt threatened was a cop-like way to lay the groundwork for violence. (Image via video still)

Could Dan be the new Karen?

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Jul 06 2020
Fire Island Caterer Burned For Pandemic Party Comments (0)

Stephen-daniello-coronavirus-covid19-boycultureCaterer Stephen Daniello is the latest Fire Island denizen to get royally dragged by Logan Slaughter.

Slaughter reports that a large house party at Daniello's pad on Fire Island was so loud and raucous the cops were called. Being situated near the Blue Whale, a restrictions-abiding establishment, even got the Blue Whale in trouble by association.

Slaughter asked Daniello to comment and he assured her it was his houseguests who ran the party, and that he slept through it.

The guy's a cook, so I'll just say that excuse don't sit right ...

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Born To Die: Cancer-Survivor Teen Intentionally Exposed To COVID-19 By Church Mom Comments (0)

Carsyn-leigh-davis-boycultureCarsyn Leigh Davis (Image via family photo)

To read this story in The Palm Beach Post on June 29, 2020, you might come away with the warm fuzzies.

After all, though 17-year-old Carsyn Leigh Davis of Fort Myers, Florida, had just died of COVID-19, she did so after spending her entire youth fighting cancer and other issues, including an autoimmune disorder. Her own mother, Carole Brunton Davis, even gave her daughter's death a positive spin, saying:

We are incredibly saddened by her passing at this young age, but are comforted that she is pain-free.

But would your take on this story change if you realized that Brunton Davis intentionally exposed her daughter, who was at a high risk for dying from COVID-19, to the virus at a church-sponsored exposure event? Almost makes you wonder if her mother was sick of dealing with her daughter's health issues and decided to escort her to heaven early.

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Mary Trump's Book Rush-Released + Prince Royce Has COVID-19 + Corey Is The New Karen + Rowling Digs In + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Rome burns, Trump fiddles with Confederate flags.

BELOW: Keep reading for that anti-Trump book by Mary Trump, Prince Royce's diagnosis, some dudes who used to be cool, a Merv Griffin flashback and more ...

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Jul 05 2020
Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Loses His Battle With COVID-19 Comments (0)

Nick-cordero-boycultureCordero & Kloots (Image via selfie)

Nick Cordero, who I had the pleasure to catch as Cheech in Bullets Over Broadway (2014), has died at 41 after suffering for more than three months with the effects of COVID-19.

Stars We've Lost in 2020 ... So Far — HERE

His wife, Amanda Kloots, just posted that he died this morning. He leaves behind her and their infant son, Elvis:

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Corey Hannon, COVID-19 Potential Superspreader, Apologizes ... Sort Of, Tries To Clear Things Up Comments (0)

Corey-hannon-boycultureBlah, blah, blah ... (Image via video still)

Corey Hannon, the queen who got sick, felt better, went to Fire Island then wished COVID-19 on everyone, is addressing the controversy in a new video ...

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Fake Fire Island Story Linked To QAnon Comments (0)

Giancarlo-kristian-albanese-boyculture(Images via Instagram)

The Giancarlo Kristian Albanese story is probably fake — his account is QAnon-affiliated, as was known, but now I'm told nobody can say where or when the picture of the party he used was actually taken. Could be a case of QAnon-ers wanting to further smear gay men partying on Fire Island — on top of the many who were actually doing it.