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Mar 27 2020
Madonna's VOGUE Turns 30 Comments (0)

Boyculture-madonna-vogue-video-cap-0037(Image via video still/AllAboutMadonna.com)

Madonna's “Vogue,” one of the best singles of the past 50 years, is 30 years old today, March 27.

It remains a huge part of her legacy, and — increasingly, over time — reflects a shining portion of a greater American-music and queer legacy as well.

One thing I love about Madonna is her references. Some, with little imagination, call them rip-offs and try to argue that she's stolen, as if every artist is not beholden to their inspirations. No artist has been more forthcoming about showing her work; it's part of her connection to her fans, sharing with us her interests via this common pop cultural language — or introducing them to us in cases where they are news to us.

Never does she come off as wanting to pass something off as new that is old; rather, she wants us to see what new spin she had given something classic. That's one definition of art.

“Vogue is a perfect example of her approach: Madonna talked about the queer scene from which “Vogue was born in every interview about the song back in 1990, when it would have been easier to avoid turning people off with the gay. (Hard as it is to remember, it was not always a wise career move to align oneself so publicly and explicitly with anything queer.)

And in the song itself, she lists 16 Golden Age of Hollywood figures who inspired her and who, let's not forget, inspired the queer voguers of the '60s, '70s and '80s to begin with.

*****EM 20 COVER BY ALEJANDRO MOGOLLO EM20_RE_Cover_071816My life's werq (Image via Boy Culture, LLC)

From my book Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 (which is available here), here are my entries on “Vogue and its equally flawless video. Enjoy ...

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Feb 29 2020
Tom Steyer Throws Away His S.C. Buy-Out With ... This Comments (0)

Nixon sweating, Bush I's readable lips, Dukakis in a tank, Kerry wind-sailing, the Dean scream and now ... Tom Steyer trying to dance. P.S. Steyer doesn't register in any state except South Carolina, where he has poured a shit-ton of ad money. To what end? He will only weaken Biden, who is still expected to win big.

Feb 10 2020
Speedo Heaven + Buttigieg's Sexual Orientation Brings Out The Worst In You + RuPaul On SNL + RIP Paula Kelly — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Train me!

BELOW: Keep reading for a hard-workin' Speedo, Buttigieg's sexual orientation as catalyst for internalized (and externalized) homophobia, a Michael Henry video takes a serious turn, the late Paula Kelly and more ...

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Jan 22 2020
Heavens To Murgatroyd! Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Thighs Are A Trip Comments (0)

Maksim-chmerkovskiy-thighs-tulum-shirtless-bathing-suit-BC(Images via Instagram @petamurgatroyd)

I'm not the most attentive Dancing with the Stars viewer, but I must say that Peta Murgatroyd posting her vacay pics with hubby Maksim Cherkovskiy have hit the spot.

More ...

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Jan 08 2020
Madonna Danced For Bowie — In A Gorilla Mask Comments (0)

3007B74200000578-3397574-image-a-134_1452696693555Today, January 8, would've been David Bowie's 73rd birthday. (More on that here.)

As a Madonna scholar (hey, it's a thing), I am well aware of her love for the guy, and his influence on her. He was her first concert (and she lied to her dad about going), she inducted him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and she has clearly taken much inspiration from his conceptual use of personae and eras.

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Dec 17 2019
Tennis Ace Takes A Bath + Thiel Urges Facebook To Embrace Lie$ + Madonna Knocked For Dating Adult Man + Memes For Tops + Charlize Theron's Trans Child + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Love your — underwear.

BELOW: Tennis pro takes a bath (join him!), historians want Trump impeached, Charlize Theron talks about her trans child and more ...

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Dec 11 2019
Puerto Vallarta Sheraton Is Anti-Gay + 10-Year Challenges: New Bod, Old Attitudes? + Trump Decrees Jews Are Foreigners + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Counting down the days.

BELOW: Puerto Vallarta Sheraton is anti-gay, Trump thinks Jews are all foreigners, THIS is what friends are for and more ...

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Dec 02 2019
(Almost) Tennis Balls + Trump Misreads Zelensky + Conways' Civil War + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I need to see the new Pedro Almódar film.

BELOW: Keep reading for tennis thighs, the Conway Civil War and more ...

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