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Jul 02 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested + Remembering Stephen Stucker + Gay Commish Voted Out + Dr. Birx Don't Need No Mask + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I don't look like this anymore.

BELOW: Keep reading for the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, an armed Karen, the late Stephen Stucker and more ...

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May 10 2020
Little Pink Underwear For You And Me + Fauci Who? Birx Where? + South Korea Sees COVID-19 Spike + QUEER AS FOLK Nude-A-Thon + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Follow here if you're into my Madonna content.

BELOW: Keep reading for a pink-underwear godling, Fauci & Birx's disappearing act, Queer as Folk nude-off and more ...

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Apr 26 2020
South African Lust + J. August Richards On Coming Out + Birx Covers For Trump + Brad Pitt Plays Fauci + Trans Turncoat In Morocco + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Towel boy.

BELOW: Keep reading for gay South African lust, Pitt as Fauci, Birx gives Trump cover, the end of double-spacing as we know it and more ...

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Apr 24 2020
We Will, We Will Clorox You!: Trump Suggests Mainlining Bleach Comments (0)

Trump-bleach-experts-nyt-boycultureZero some game (Image via Twitter)

I had a Republican on Twitter earnestly tell me there is no right way to approach the COVID-19 pandemic, in reference to whether we should re-open the U.S. now or later. Welp, I'll tell you one thing, there is a right way to handle suggestions that we injest bleach to kill the virus — and that right way is to not. To just not.

But that is what Trump said Thursday:

Trump is high on light and high on bleach and, well, just high.

His outrageously dangerous, am-I-in-a-fucking-DREAM? comments were taken by propagandist Dr. Birx this way:

This Oscar-ready short subject should be called If These Scarves Could Talk.

As utterly idiotic and unscientific and scary as Trump's comments were, The New York Times — remember, the so-called liberal rag — could only muster that his comments were dangerous only in the view of “some experts.”

Just some. People are talking. Just some; the others are dead. 

Some experts are anti-bleach ... not including Cristina Cuomo, who — and she is a loon who has Chris Cuomo whipped — bathes in a “nominal” amount of bleach, which is 100% not a good idea.

Lysol-bleach-coronavirus-clorox-covid-19-trump-boycultureTastes great! Less viral. (Image via Lysol)

I was reading on Twitter an informed opinion stating that Biden needs to do more with his messaging, but in my opinion, Biden has to do two things: Remain alive and not be Trump. That's it. Is it sexist that Biden isn't the candidate Hillary was and will win? No, because Trump is not the candidate Trump was. Trump is now fully revealed. Trump is the guy who wants you to do bleach shots, while Biden is not.

That is a winning message in 2020.

Mar 29 2020
DNA Knock-Out + Donovan's Beef + ALL MY CHILDREN Obit + COVID-19 Predictions + Madonna: Arena Queen + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hi, drama.

BELOW: Keep reading for a DNA lottery winner, sobering COVID-19 predictions, a heartwarming blast from the past, the death of a soap star and more ...

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