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Jul 28 2021
Hot Anchor + Ed Buck GUILTY X 9 + Dua Lipa Disavows DaBaby + Taylor Greene & Gaetz Run Like Cowards + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This is my recipe for soup.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hairy chest for the ages, Ed Buck gets his comeuppance, Dua Lipa disavows DaBaby, Nancy Pelosi calls a moron a moron and more ...

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Oct 29 2020
Dominic Looks Good In Thiem Underwear + Pompeo Email Scandal + Tucker Carlson Claims His Biden Docs Were Lost In Transit + AOC On VANITY FAIR + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: As a rock.

BELOW: Keep reading for Dominic Thiem's plump rump, Mike Pompeo's brazen corruption, Tucker Carlson's dog ate his homework and more ...

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Aug 17 2020
Loving Ray Isaac's Houseified LEVITATING Remix Comments (0)

Levitating-madonna-dua-lipa-house-ray-isaac-boyculture(Image via Ray Isaac Warner Bros.)

DJ Ray Isaac is taking us for a ride with his “Levitating” remix ...

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Aug 14 2020
LEVITATING's Dreamy Pandemic Music Video Comments (0)

Madonna-dua-lipa-levitating-video-missy-elliott-boycultureDay- and night-dreamer (Image via video still)

I'm loving the “Levitating” remix. Madonna's voice is reclaimed from autotune purgatory, and the beat is up my alley. I also hear a hint of (original) Suspiria in the bassline — no?

Anyway, here is the official video. I had heard Madonna was not available for the original shoot but shot scenes later — yet she is conspicuously missing. Wonder what the story is there?

Shows you can throw together a plenty-evocative and stylish little video on the fly, even during a pandemic ...

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Aug 13 2020
Dua Lipa's Blessed Madonna LEVITATING Remix Feat. Madonna & Missy Elliott Comments (0)

The laugh is so Yazoo “Situation.” The Blessed Madonna has outdone herself on this, and is sounding overwhelmed by the experience:

The video is out tomorrow.

Aug 05 2020
Full-Frontal Follies + Cooper Interviews Gay COVID-19 Widower + Staples Attacker Caught + Wachowksi On How Trans THE MATRIX Is + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

GiphyYou'll see more of him below. (GIF via GIPHY)

ABOVE: Bad news — he can't wink.

BELOW: Keep reading for what COVID-19 is not just what it is, the secret behind Keanu's biggest hit, shameless show-offs and more ...

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Jul 29 2020
Remembering Gay Lib + Trump Defends Russia Over Bounty Story + Umbrella Man = White Supremacist + Laverne & Billy On Emmys + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Peacockhound.

BELOW: Gay Lib memories, Gohmert gets COVID-19, Trump still loooves Putin and Russia, Laverne and Billy talk Emmy nominations and more ...

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Jul 27 2020
Dua Lipa Announces Blessed Madonna LEVITATING Remix Feat. Madonna & Missy Elliott Comments (0)

Confessions on a Dua Floor!

Dua Lipa's already excellent “Levitating” will get the full Blessed Madonna remix treatment, and will welcome Madonna and Missy Elliott to the fold.

Dua Lipa's most recent single failed to hit the Top 40, but she usually fares well there, meaning, for Madonna fans, that the Queen of Pop may finally return to Billboard after an unfairly long absence.

Speaking of Madonna, today, July 27, marks the GASP! 37th anniversary of the release of Madonna's still-sterling self-titled album. It remains one of my favorites in her catalogue; I love every song on it.

This is the original U.S. cover, shot by Gary Heery:

Madonna album-boyculture(Image via Sire)

And this is the cover as it might have looked (when the set was dubbed Lucky Star), with photography by Edo Bertoglio and design by Madonna's late BFF Martin Burgoyne. This was first seen perhaps 20 years ago when someone who had a color proof sold it on eBay:

Madonna-first-album-lucky-stary-boyculture(Image via Sire)

It's a great shot, but SO much more disco era, no?