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Jun 06 2016
Would You Pay $10K For A High School Journal By THE Nick Koenigsknecht? Comments (0)

S-l1600(Image via eBay)

Yeah, I have no idea who he is, either, but an eBay seller thinks his high school book of “dicks and poems” is worth $10K.

If the embarrassing journals of high-school gay boys are becoming the new Andy Warhol prints, hit me up—I got a million of 'em.

May 27 2016
Attention Gawkers: Nick Denton Challenges Peter Thiel To A Debate We Should Already Be Having, Plus: Why I'm Not Against Outing Comments (0)

UPDATE: Pierre Omidyar, eBay founder, is backing Gawker in its appeal of the Hulk Hogan case.

Gawker CEO Nick Denton has challenged deranged billionaire Peter Thiel to a debate outside the courtroom, following the revelation that it was Thiel—long angry over Gawker's treatment of him—who has funded Hulk Hogan's so-far successful lawsuit against the site for publishing a portion of Hogan's sex tape.

Gawker insisted publication of a portion of the video was newsworthy, Hogan claimed it was a violation of privacy—and a trial ended with a ridiculous judgment: over $100 million for his embarrassment.

The case is interesting to me in that it goes to the limits of free press and free speech, and became much more interesting once Thiel's tyrannical touch was exposed. Do we really think it's okay that rich people should have the ability to squelch negative or unwelcome press? Are we becoming press-release junkies?

I tweeted about it and was alarmed to discover a highly regarded activist whose opinion is that Gawker could avoid being sued out of existence if they wouldn't out people. (Thiel was said to have been initially enraged by Gawker in 2007 when the site wrote about him being gay. It's worth noting that Thiel, an early Facebook investor who is still on its board, is a right-winger who has endorsed Trump, wants to create a Libertarian paradise, offers cash to kids who agree to drop out of school and various other charming things.)

This activist was shrugging off the battle between Denton and Thiel over her lack of support for outing, which implies that she believes people who publish information about public figures' sexual orientations should be vulnerable to lawsuits. I challenged her on this, but there was no budging; chillingly, she wrote (emphasis mine):

I don't believe there is any good in outing someone against their will. Especially people who can't impact policy

I actually don't think reports on celebrity marriages, divorces etc are news relevant to the wider public either.

I have actually talked about the problem with the idea that everyone that speaks in public deserves no privacy before today.

I'm sure a lot of people reading this would agree with some or even all of those statements, but consider what is being said by this writer and by those who continue to shrug off Thiel's thin-skinned meddling with the media, because this is how I wound up viewing the case through the lens of whether or not outing should be legal and acceptable in the press.

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Apr 02 2016
6-PACK — Father Accused Of Killing Gay Son + Smithers Comes Out + Madonna Was Always Big In Japan + DAMN YANKEES & Sherlock Holmes Actors Die + Das Butt! Comments (0)

Father2n-1-webAmir Issa, murdered with a shotgun, allegedly for being gay (Image via Facebook/New York Daily News)

*widget boy cultureExecuted by his own dad for being gay?

*widget boy cultureAfter 27 years, Smithers is finally coming out as gay.

*widget boy cultureJapanese Encyclopedia Madonnica.

*widget boy cultureShannon Bolin of the original Damn Yankees dies @ 99.

*widget boy cultureSherlock Holmes actor Douglas Wilmer dies @ 96.

*widget boy cultureCan't pronounce Elyas M'Barke? Just look at his butt. (Work Unfriendly)

Post-2477-0-77313500-1459528647Elyas M'Barke (Film still via Fack ju Göhte  2)

Mar 31 2016
6-PACK — Mississippi Outdoes NC With Sweeping Anti-LGBT Bill + Trump Wants Women Punished For Abortions + Taylor Lautner Looks Good Thick + Bieber Rips Off His Fans + Britney's 1st Press Release From 1998 + GOLDEN GIRLS FOREVER! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureMississippi's turn to pass sweeping anti-LGBT legislation.

*widget boy cultureTrump says women who have abortions deserve punishment.

*widget boy cultureInternet concerned that Taylor Lautner has gained weight.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber fans who paid $2K to meet him met cardboard instead.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.26.54 PM(Image from the collection of Matthew Rettenmund)

*widget boy cultureHER FIRST-EVER PRESS RELEASE: “At 16, Britney Spears enjoys being a girl.”

*widget boy cultureGolden Girls Forever is near. Here's my blog-post version.

510F4I9amhL(Image via Harper Design)

Mar 27 2016
6-PACK — Chilly Willies + Easter Event Nightmare + Bernie Hearts Superdelegates + Warren Cheering Bernie On (From Afar?) + NC Rep. Lies About Anti-Gay Law + Jim Stryker Force! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.36.47 PM(Video still via “Chilly at the Bus Stop”)

*widget boy cultureBoys cuddling at the bus stop.

*widget boy cultureAdults do battle with kids at PEZ Easter-egg event. 

*widget boy cultureIn flip-flop, Bernie says he wants Dem-stalwart superdelegates to switch to him.

12924479_10208992481830233_8428340248210036705_nHow can Sanders expect Democratic Party faithfuls to flock to him because he won three small states?

*widget boy cultureWarren “cheering Bernie on,” but why won't she be his 1st Senate endorsement?

*widget boy cultureRep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) lies about state's anti-LGBT law attracting backlash

Jim Stryker at the beach (Fire Island) 1961 by JeremyBuelander

*widget boy cultureHas there ever been a beefcake model more timeless than Jim Stryker?

S-l1600Jim Stryker (Image by Champion via eBay)

Mar 22 2016
6-PACK — Clooneys Are With Her + Trump Is Strong On Israel (Today) + Simon Dunn Pulls A Kim Kardashian + Kato Kaelin's Suit + David Barton Asked If He's Ever Had Sex With A Guy + Logan McCree: Firefighter! Comments (0)

George-ClooneyGeorge Clooney and his wife are gay for Hillary (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

*widget boy cultureObama booster George Clooney (and Amal) throws his weight behind Hillary.

*widget boy cultureTrump's scripted speech to AIPAC was meh.

*widget boy cultureSimon Dunn looks better nude than Kim Kardashian does.

*widget boy cultureKato Kaelin's O.J. trial suit is up for sale.

*widget boy cultureDavid Barton still isn't gay.

*widget boy cultureInked-up porn star Logan McCree is now a fireman in Scotland.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.18.43 AMLogan McCree (Image via Official-LoganMcCree.com)

Feb 12 2016
6-PACK — GT's Trans Cover Star Aydian Dowling + Taylor Swiftly Betrayed By Kanye West + Édgar Ramírez Minus Clothing + Thoroughly Modern Margo + Sandra Bernhard Still Avoiding Stoney End + Bloody Good Ramsey Song! Comments (0)

Gay-Times-AydianDowlingGT456_MiniCoverAydian Dowling for GT by Brian Davies/Lee Faircloth

*widget boy cultureHOT trans man Aydian Dowling covers GT.

*widget boy cultureThis is what Taylor Swift gets for forgiving that asshole Kanye West.

*widget boy cultureMovie stud Édgar Ramírez doesn't need his clothes to look sexy.

MargoHoff“Button Factory” by Margo Hoff

*widget boy cultureModernist, Margo Hoff mini masterpiece for your wall.

*widget boy cultureIn praise of Sandra Bernhard.

*widget boy cultureCheck out Ramsey's edgy “See You Bleed” single. Possible new Cruz campaign song?

Ramsey promo 1 - credit bluntassziggyImage via Ramsey

Dec 02 2015
Need To Know: AIDS Aid + Us Against They + ISIL v LGBT + Dem Landslide? + Broken Foster Family + Shares & Share Alike + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.00.37 PMMadonna has a good time, but pauses to get serious about AIDS. (See below.)

*widget boy cultureFive-star Madonna lets Graham Norton wiggle into her act. Images

*widget boy cultureThey are kicking our asses, but they is, too.

*widget boy cultureUnsurprisingly, things are horrific for gays under ISIL.

*widget boy cultureWhat would you pay for One Direction's used shoes?

*widget boy cultureBoth Hillary and Bernie handily beating all Republican comers.

*widget boy cultureJennifer Granholm implores Trump to abandon campaign.

*widget boy cultureRHOBH star Yolanda Foster & superproducer hubby David Foster kaput.

*widget boy cultureLA guv John Bel Edwards is pro-LGBT.

*widget boy cultureWas #BlueLivesMatter more about #BlackLivesDontMatter?


*widget boy cultureAccomplished VFX producer Eric Kohler vanishes in L.A. Images

*widget boy cultureThree daddies, little lady.

*widget boy cultureTech industry is very LGBT-friendly, say these numbers.

*widget boy cultureFormer Clinton official Sandy Berger dies of cancer @ 70.

*widget boy cultureThe nekkid Dukes of Hazzard.

*widget boy cultureBig-hearted Facebook founder will give away BILLIONS.

*widget boy cultureWhy fake racism when it's all around you already? Pathetic.

*widget boy cultureAfter the jump, Madonna—on World AIDS Day—remembers son's birth family ...

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