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Sep 18 2018
Stormy Describes Trump's YETI PUBES + Does Ronan Farrow Have Trump's N-Word Tapes? + Trump Campaigner Gets 15 Years For 17-Year-Old + Darren Criss's Butt Praised + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Obviously, most of the comments on the above are something to the effect of “daddy!”

BELOW: Keep reading for even more muscle, Stormy Daniels graphically describing Trump's mini-me, Darren Criss's butt gets Emmy kudos, Kavanaugh gets shaky support and much more ...

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Sep 13 2018
Steamy Roleplay + Trump Dumps On P.R.: Deaths Never Happened! + Kavanaugh Docs Sent To FBI + Eric Trump Goes Full-On Anti-Semitic + Gay TOY STORY Nuptials + Lourdes Strikes A Pose + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A li'l close-up magic.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's Hurricane Maria denial, hot and funny roleplaying, Henry Cavill riding the Superman controversy, remembering Nell Carter and more ...

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Jul 19 2018
A Voyeuristic Peek At PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL + Netanyahu Stabs Gays In The Back + Queer Heat + Soccer Junk Flies Free! + Spicer: Mueller Not Hunting Witches + Cuomo Open To Slaying Trumps + Gay Porn Actors And The Women Who Love Them + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Yes, but can you moan DAD when he's possibly younger than you are?

Below: Peeking at hot guys in a hot mag, queer visuals that are anything but empty, a soccer player's junk flops out, Netanyahu betrays gays, and much more ...

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Jan 04 2018
Brent & JJ Break Up + When Snow Means Yes + Ellen Trumps Don Jr. + Hot Cop + Bannon Backpedals + Mira Sorvino's Dad Jonesing To Whack Weinstein — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: If you like bearded cuties who show off a lot on Insta, he's your guy.

Below: Keep reading for a porn breakup, the debate over whether 8" is enough or too much, Ellen skewering Eric Trump with a smile and that delicious Trump v. Bannon feud ...

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Aug 14 2017
Mein Crop: Something's Fishy About Eric Trump's Fashy Comments (0)

HitlerJoy Reid — who is indispensable on TV, on the radio and on social media — brought to my attention that the cutesy neo-Nazi haircut sported by the alleged Charlottesville murderer and so many other white supremacists has a name: the Fashy.

Check out some more info about this fashion statement, which is a great way to signal to like-minded individuals that you're kinda a Nazi ...

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Aug 01 2017
Trump 4 Life: David Mixner Calls The So-Called President's Family Exactly What It Is Comments (0)

MixnerDavid Mixner, longtime out political consultant, onetime Clinton confidant and all-around great mind, turns in his most controversial essay for Towleroad yet.

Title? “America's Top Crime Family: The Trumps.”

Keep reading ...

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Jun 26 2017
6-PACK — 6 Inches Of Summer + Back To THE REAL WORLD + Toppertoned + Turkish Police Halt LGBTQ Pride + Eric Trump's Latest Cut + Lorenzo Lamas Went Nude — And We Missed It! Comments (0)

5sosOne of these boys has reportedly been naughty on the Internet ... (Via Capitol/Hi or Hey)

WIDGETOMG Blog: 5 Seconds of Summer band member's alleged member. (Work Unfriendly)

WIDGETArt19.com: Reality Life with Kate Casey welcomes Real World cast member Norman Korpi as the show turns 25 years old. Kopi was openly gay on TV way, way before it was cool.

Norman-KorpiNorm! (Image via MTV)

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): If you're into bangin' butt, this topical product may be just for you.

WIDGETThe Guardian: Turkish cops bust up attempt at LGBTQ Pride march in Istanbul.

WIDGETHuff Post: Eric Trump to barber: “Give me the Hitler.”

WIDGETEsquire: That one time Lorenzo Lamas posed naked as a teenager — and his dad, MGM star Fernando “You look mahvelous” Lamas had the negs destroyed.

Lorenzo LamasIt was like this, but younger, and boned up. (Image via Teen Machine)