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Sep 29 2020
As Much Finn Wittrock As You Can Handle! Comments (0)

From Mr. Man:

Finn Wittrock rocks our world because it seems like this guy wants to go nude. He basically shows his ass whenever he can and we're right behind him watching that can of his. Between his many seasons on American Horror Story and his latest role on Ratched, he is ratcheting up his nude scene count. 

On season fourof AHS, Finn gets in touch with his inner Patrick Bateman, doing exercises and getting sweaty in his tightie-whities. A couple of episodes later things get even hotter when Finn finally shows us his glorious ass! And on the following season — Hotel — he even delivers another ass shot during a gay scene with Denis O’Hare! 

There's something about his charming all-American looks that also makes him a perfect villain. He's been a crazy killer in so many Ryan Murphy projects and in Ratched he plays a sociopathic sexpot. He's making us crazy for him with his several booty-baring shower scenesAND a scene with a MASSIVE prosthetic penis. He even gets hosed down by several hot male nurses who then scrub him down with brushes. Boys, please, this is all too sensual! 

Have at it:

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Aug 20 2019
More Peeks At Renée Zellweger As Judy Garland Comments (0)

Finn Wittrock and Renée Zellweger in JUDY  Photo credit David Hindley Courtesy of LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions_(Images via Roadside Attractions)

Renée Zellweger and Finn Wittrock are Judy Garland and Mickey Deans in Judy, finally in theaters September 27. Whaddaya think? Keep reading for more ...

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Dec 19 2014
Mr. Man AMERICAN HORROR STORY Gallery! Comments (0)
  Postcover_1 Bomer-american-horror-story-068c4437_infobox Bomer-american-horror-story-126b7cd4_infobox Bomer-american-horror-story-169da07d_infobox Murray-american-horror-story-3b000a2e_infobox Murray-american-horror-story-3f22c9a4_infobox Tergesen-american-horror-story-ffd622b9_infobox Wittrock-american-horror-story-3e926351_infobox Wittrock-american-horror-story-13d83017_infobox Wittrock-american-horror-story-87350b2c_infobox Wittrock-american-horror-story-aa010a92_infobox Wittrock-american-horror-story-b913d879_infobox Wittrock-american-horror-story-d40fcf93_infobox

The hit series American Horror Story is back with a new season of dark primetime entertainment, this year in a freak show setting. If you thought the previous seasons have been generous with nude male stars, you won't believe this one!

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Check out Matt Bomer in his guest appearance as a young male escort stripping in front of the rich, young and hot serial killer played by Finn Wittrock who is not afraid of showing off some skin of his own! There are plenty of male celebrity meat and bulges to satisfy everyone—step right up!

Check out these bloody hot previews and go see all photos and scenes on MrMan.com!

Dec 11 2014
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Cheek Show Comments (0)


Finn Wittrock, 30,  went full-backal on last night's American Horror Story: Freak Show. Evidence after the jump...

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