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Jul 09 2014
First Lines Club: THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY (1999) Comments (0)


Jul 02 2014
First Lines Club: THE GODFATHER (1972) Comments (0)


Salvatore Corsitto (1913—1999) uttered the first line in a movie considered by many critics to be the greatest ever made, Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather. In spite of his prime placement in the film, he only ever had one other credited appearance.

Jun 25 2014
First Lines Club: THE BOYS IN THE BAND (1970) Comments (0)


Music plays a major part in the opening of William Friedkin's 1970 adaptation of Mart Crowley's controversial stage play, The Boys in the Band—a camp rendition of “Anything Goes” ushers us into the action, and its lyrics are transparently indicative of the content to come.

Also noteworthy is the film's use of a number of highly intelligible yet silently mouthed words that precede Kenneth Nelson's exclamation, uttered when he barely misses a phone call. In fact, the first clear sentiments expressed—albeit soundlessly—come from an irate truck driver, whom it's safe to say is shouting, “Motherfucking asshole!” at Frederick Combs in the tunnel.

Jun 18 2014
First Lines Club: GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) Comments (0)

Gone With the Wind

Due to a mistake in the credits, some thought the first line of the film was spoken by George Reeves (“Stuart”). The actual speaker was Fred Crane, who played “Brent” but is credited in the film as “Stuart.” Apparently, the mistake in the credits was considered too minor—yet too expensive—to fix.

Reeves went on to become TV's “Superman,” committing suicide in 1959.

Shortly before his death at 90 in 2008, Crane said, “I'm just a small shard in a giant mosaic.”

There are only four people alive known to have appeared in Gone with the Wind 75 years ago: Olivia de Havilland (turns 98 on July 1) and child actor Mickey Kuhn (81) are the only two who had speaking parts, while Patrick Curtis (75, “infant Beau”) and Greg Giese (75, “infant Bonnie”/“infant Beau”)