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Apr 08 2024
Taylor Zakhar Perez & Nicholas Galitzine's Dick Humor + Eating Out + Trump's Abortion Punt + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: One of the handsomest.

BELOW: Keep reading for Nicholas Galiztine and Taylor Zakhar Perez's dick humor and more ...

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Mar 29 2024
Art For Sale + Biden's Big Bucks + RIP Louis Gossett Jr. + NYC vs. Guns + The Principal Alleged To Have Mistreated A Kid With Gay Parents + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Pecs-boyculture-gayI feel like I could build a pied-à-terre in those tits. (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Beyoncé's onetime bodyguard is still at it.

BELOW: Keep reading for art, Biden's big bucks and more ...

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Nov 17 2023
Mike Johnson's Monkeypox Problem + Pits 'n' Tits + Matt Bomer On FELLOW TRAVELERS + The Abbey = SOLD + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: ... God?

BELOW: Keep reading for pits 'n' tits, Mike Johnson's monkeypox problem and more ...

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Sep 16 2023
Muslim City Council Votes Anti-Gay + Corrupt Texan AG Paxton Acquitted + Russell Brand Accused Of Rape + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Who knew Ed Begley's got the goods?! More here.

Shirtless-underarms-abs-muscles-boycultureBonus hotness (Image by Matthew Rettenmund — more here)

BELOW: Keep reading for mayhem in Michigan, Paxton acquitted, Russell Brand accused and more ...

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Jul 24 2023
Gay Coach Comes Out + Gayboy Boom Writer Cheri Pies Dies @ 73 + Pecs To Die For + Cher's Gelato Brand + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Does he give you a Woody?

BELOW: Gay coach, death of the ultimate lesbian mommy, guy with the best pecs ever and more ...

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Jul 05 2023
Lukas Gage Will Do Anything + Mondaire Jones's Return + Pre-Nazi Queer Nightlife In Berlin + The Chicken Tenders Affair + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Remembering the wonderful Katherine Helmond, born on this day.

BELOW: Lukas Gage, Mondaire Jones, Belinda Carlisle & more ...

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Feb 25 2023
4 Casino Cocktails You Can Make At Home Comments (0)

We all love them, whether with or without alcohol — cocktails. They come in thousands upon thousands of varieties and adventurous flavors. Especially in festive surroundings, one or the other likes to grab a cocktail to give the evening that certain extra. They are also popular companions at the gaming table in casinos. Also, you can serve them at home while you play live dealer games at non GamStop casinos through your smartphone to indulge yourself in the atmosphere.

What are the most popular cocktails at the blackjack table or roulette wheel and what alcohol is used when the slot machine is used? We got to the bottom of these questions and are now introducing you to the most popular casino cocktails that are easy to imitate at home.

Cocktail or Mocktail? Drink sensibly!

It's the weekend and a visit to the casino is coming up. The outfit fits and the anticipation increases. For many gamblers, the first course is not to the gaming table or slot machine, but to the bar. In itself this is not a big problem, but the combination of alcohol and gambling should be carefully considered.

Since real money is played in a non GamStop casino, it should be sufficiently weighed up in advance whether the cocktail is really the right choice. Not everyone gets the combination of high-proof drinks and gambling. If you are aware of this, you should first grab a non-alcoholic beer or choose a mocktail - a non-alcoholic cocktail.

If you have an unlimited budget for the evening, you don't have to stick to these rules. However, since gambling has a high potential for addiction, this effect can be intensified by excessive alcohol consumption. It is therefore advisable to always visit a casino with a companion so that you don't get bogged down at the gaming table, as you would in a pub.

These Are the Most Popular Casino Cocktails With Alcohol

Let's get to the boozy part. Above all, the best casinos not only have many gaming tables, but also very good bartenders who will mix you the best cocktails.

The well-trained staff knows their stuff and knows what to do if you want a non-alcoholic cocktail. With attention to detail, every game experience is intensified with the right drink.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Many know it from the series Sex and the City, in which this elegant drink repeatedly attracts attention. But even away from New York's high society, this cocktail, which became the absolute trend drink in bars in the 90s, is very popular.

The slightly sweet and yet tart cocktail does not require much decoration and is drunk from a cocktail glass or a martini glass. The "Cosmo" is perfect as an introduction to a casino evening because it is one of the short drinks and, in contrast to voluminous long drinks, quickly encourages you to move on to the gaming table.


4cl vodka (Vodka Citron works best), 1cl Cointreau, 2cl cranberry juice, 2cl lime juice


Put the ingredients together with enough ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously and then strain through a strainer into the pre-chilled glass.

Negroni Cocktail

If you like it bitter and unusual, you should now pay close attention. With a Negroni, bitter sweetness meets orange flavors and gin. This Italian cocktail is made all over the world and is especially popular during the summer months. What is special about this drink is that there are different variants, depending on the latitude.

Some bartenders mix their Negroni with sparkling wine or champagne, while others use the tried and tested gin. It doesn't matter whether it's sparkling wine or a high-proof distillate - this traditional cocktail in a tumbler glass is particularly suitable for the first rounds at the blackjack table.


3 cl dry gin, 3 cl Campari, 3 cl vermouth (red), 1 orange, ice cubes


Mix the liquid components in equal parts with 3 ice cubes, stir and serve in a glass with a slice of orange.

Caipirinha Cocktail

Almost everyone likes it! The Caipirinha is one of the absolute classics among cocktails. It is also often ordered in casinos. The drink from Brazil is refreshing and tastes pleasantly sweet due to the sugar cane liquor (cachaça).

As with the Negroni, there are also some variations on this drink. If you drink a "Caipi" usually with sugar cane liquor, some prefer it with vodka. However, what applies to all versions of the Caipirinha: It is mixed with white cane sugar and not with brown sugar!


7 cl cachaça, white cane sugar, 1 lime, peppermint leaves, ice cubes


Wash and quarter the lime and place in a cocktail blender, add white cane sugar and crush with a pestle. Finally add the sugar cane schnapps and top up with crushed ice. Alternatively, place mint leaves in the palm of your hand and hit the leaf properly once. In this way, the full aroma of the mint leaf unfolds and can be added to the Caipirinha.

Gin & Tonic Cocktail

The name says it all, No other cocktail is as popular and at the same time as easy to prepare as a gin and tonic. Precisely for this reason, the original recipe is ideal for further variants. Gin with Wild Berry Tonic Water has been particularly popular for many years. Together with Berry Gin the perfect cocktail for balmy summer nights.

But gin and coffee is also a popular combination.

This drink is often ordered not only outside, but also inside casinos. We think that a gin and tonic should definitely be drunk at a colorful slot machine!


4 cl gin, 250 ml tonic water, 1 slice of lemon or lime, ice cubes


Put crushed ice or ice cubes in a glass, add gin and top up with tonic water. Stir and garnish with a lime or lemon wedge.

Nov 02 2022
Theo James's WHITE LOTUS Junk + RIP Lavender Country's Gay Singer Patrick Haggerty + Beauty Contestants Marry + Trump's Biracial GF Recalls His Bluntly Racist Comment + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Burt's butt! (And beyond.)

BELOW: Keep reading for Theo James's junk, the death of a gay country trailblazer and more ...

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