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Apr 16 2022
Tucker Carlson And His Bowtie Fear THE END OF MEN Comments (0)

Tucker-carlson-end-men-boycultureNuts to that! (Image via Fox News)

Tucker Carlson, that defender of machismo, has put his name on a new Fox News special that hand-wrings over GULP The End of Men.

The visuals suggest men could end because they wind up fucking only each other, but I'm not sure that's what he was going for ...

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Apr 01 2022
Lil Nas X Pranks Thirsty Gay Music Fans + Psaki To Leave White House + Dem House Votes To Decriminalize Pot + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Lil-nas-x-boycultureThe joke's on us. (Image via Twitter)

ABOVE: Lil Nas X gets into the April Fools' spirit.

BELOW: Jen Psaki to leave the White House, Caitlyn hired by Fox News, Democratic House votes to decriminalize pot and more ...

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Mar 29 2022
Biden Not Sorry About Wishing Putin Out Of Power + 7 HOURS, 37 MINUTES Missing In Trump Call Logs + Will Smith's Mom Reacts + Cawthorn's Orgy Claims Questioned + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: That, my friend, is a cover.

Gay-boycultureBonus shot from here: “Are you sure this is how Keith Haring got started?!”

BELOW: Keep reading for Biden not backtracking on Putin, Will Smith's mom enters the conversation, Madison Cawthorn's questionable orgy comment about to be questioned, how the DOJ is asleep at the wheel and more ...

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Mar 10 2022
Dylan O'Brien, Chris Evans & Brando + Trump Rages At Windmills Again + Garland Promises Justice + Did William Really Say THAT? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Take a stab, and do follow me on Twitter. (Answers here.)

BELOW: Keep reading for Dylan O'Brien, Marlon Brando and Chris Evans hotness; Garland promising January 6 will be avenged; Trump raging at windmills and more  ...

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Feb 28 2022
Van Power + How Biden Is Playing Putin + Voice Of Reason At Fox News + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If you've never heard of Van Williams, here's your intro.

Van Williams 2Bonus Van (Image via publicity still)

BELOW: Keep reading for Biden vs. Putin, anti-gay Chechen gets offed, a voice of reason at Fox News, queer history at the SAGs and more ...

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Feb 23 2022
Putin Declares War On Ukraine — Biggest War Action In Europe Since WWII — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Does anyone remember Jon Hall?

BELOW: Keep reading for Russia-Ukraine updates ...

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Feb 13 2022
Goldie Hawn On Mental Health And ... Masks? Comments (0)

Goldie-hawn-mask-mandates-fox-news-boycultureOf course she had to go on right-wing media to push this. Again. After talking with Megyn Kelly. (Image via video still)

Goldie Hawn's comments on mental health — on right-wing media and in a USA Today op-ed — appear to oppose mask mandates, or are otherwise being twisted to create that appearance. Honestly, most of what she has said is pretty sensible and is probably less out-there than what a lot of super rich, super privileged people think but are too wise to say out loud: She acknowledges that there is a mental health crisis for children and teens and wants to attack it with education.

However, she is consistently being invited onto conservative media because her comments dovetail with their fake concern over mental health as a way to capitalize politically on mask and vax fatigue. If conservatives cared AT ALL about the mental health of kids, they wouldn't be pro-bullying, which they are when it involves LGBTQ youth, the ones most likely to be victimized.

I think it is unclear — so far — just how sympathetic she is to the right-wing approach to COVID-19, which could be summed up as: good luck with that, but my main issue with her speaking out is that two weeks ago, she said to right-wing harpy Megyn Kelly:

A lot of Hollywood has a lot of missions, right? And you know, you want to put your name onto something that you believe in, but it doesn’t make a difference. And that’s the reality. I stay in my lane.

I don't see how her running the (checks notes) Goldie Hawn Foundation jibes with her beliefs about celebrities SingTFU.

On substance, she told Fox News that mental illness is “something that can actually last” (implying viruses go away?). She even claims that the real “contagion” is being around adversity and anxiety, which is rich considering we have an actually contagious virus we're trying to combat. Her comments sound less moored when she rant about virtual reality and “ocular” tricks being used to pull kids away from reality. That's where she's sounding kind of Hollywood lefty freaky-deaky.

But on masks:

I'm not anti-mask, I'm not for-mask, okay? I'm really neutral on that. Because everybody has their own decision, and it's really hard when you mandate it — I get it.

Neutral doesn't mean anti-mask mandate, but how does complaining about masks and other anti-COVID measures relate to her saying:

We have to go from the me to we.

Isn't vaccinating and wearing a mask and social distancing during an uptick in the virus the epitome of we vs. me?

At any rate, I looked into this because I saw her being quoted (and mocked) as saying masks are “destructing” our children's mental health, which is a much more definitive-sounding statement than the apparently made.

Jan 30 2022
Luke Evans Shows Off + Trump Would Pardon 1/6 Criminals + Janet On Justin + RIP Howard Hesseman & MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: Mirror, mirror ... sorry, forgot what I was saying.

BELOW: Keep reading for Luke Evans, Trump's insane promise, RIP Johnny Fever and more ...

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