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May 14 2018
Tim Chung Should Be Someone's Baby Daddy + Ex-FDNY Sues Over Anti-Gay Hazing + Palm Springs STI Outbreak + The Harmful Myth Of Patient Zero + Is GIRLS Biphobic? + Nolan Gould Grew Up Hot + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: He moves to Thailand and looks like that; I'd move to Thailand and be in a perpetual pad Thai coma.

Below: Keep reading for Kylie Jenner's hot not-baby-daddy, ex-FDNY suing over anti-gay and anti-Hispanic hazing, the truth about Patient Zero, Nolan Gould frees the nipple, Tomi Lahren gets schooled, Trixie Mattel opens DragCon, and more  ...

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Jun 01 2014
Steer In Heaven: Garrett Hedlund For MAN OF THE WORLD Comments (0)
Garrett Hedlund—one of the hottest men ever to make a movie—covers Man of the World #8 (2014). In the piece by Tom Sykes, Hedlund says he got into acting with encouragement from his mom once he left home:

“I had actually never finished a book before then, but I started reading. Since I didn't have the woods and fields to run around in, this was the forest for me now, the place to be imaginative and escape. I read The Glass Menagerie and that really affected me. I became friends with guys in improv groups, and I started reading The Hollywood Reporter and Variety in bookstores. I learned all the names of the studio heads.”

He also talks about his pet steer Buddy, who wound up skinned and hanging from the rafters during Hedlund's childhood. He didn't wanna eat him, but he was informed he'd starve otherwise.

Acting, steer...sounds like he's dealt with bull all his life.