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Jan 17 2021
Royal Thirst Trap + Bulging Bills Buff + Trump Allies Tied To Capitol Insurrection + A Queer Student Who Is On Pointe + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He likes this pic of him. Me, too!

BELOW: Keep reading for a royal thirst trap, mounting evidence that ties Trump to the Capitol insurrection, mounting evidence that Lindsey Graham is total trash and more ...

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She Turned In Her Insurrectionist Mom, Now Mom Is Fired + Loews Rejects Hawley + RIP Gay Director Jerry Douglas + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The shadow knows.

BELOW: Keep reading for a white supremacist gets her comeuppance, Josh Hawley rejected by Loews, first major inauguration arrest announced and more ...

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Jan 15 2021
Most Insane Karen Yet + Lincoln Project Co-Founder, Accused Of Sexually Inappropriate Messages, Comes Out As Gay + NRA Bankrupt + MyPillow CEO Urges Martial Law + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

David-hernandez-boycultureHe's ready to start loving himself. Can we watch? (Image via selfie)

ABOVE: If you're not familiar with American Idol veteran David Hernandez, get familiar with him here. He has some inspirational messaging, not just tits and ass. (That, too.)

BELOW: Keep reading for a Karen who knows her Constitution, a Lincoln Project co-founder coming out as gay (under less-than-ideal circumstances), the NRA goes belly-up and heads west and more  ...

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Acting Naked + Capitol Cop To Mob: THANKS & F YOU + QAnon Shaman Wants A Pardon + Senator Apologizes For Vote Challenge + Dustin Diamond: It's Cancer + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Keep it classy, Golden Girls!

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked actor, a Capitol cop's perfect statement to those in the mob who helped him, the QAnon Shaman's plea to Trump, the gay man whose life's work survived him, Screech ailing and more ...

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Jan 14 2021
Ivanka Doesn't Have A Square To Spare + Trump Wants BIG Send-Off + Biden's Plan + RIP Mrs. Rogers + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Trump's got so many court challenges coming at him, he'll feel like every pussy he ever grabbed.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ivanka's stinginess with the crapper, Trump's send-off dreams, Biden's relief plan, Mrs. Rogers dies and more ...

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Hot Weatherman + Adrian Grenier's Instagram Flash + Trump's Doc DEAD + Nazi Fan Had Gun At Capitol Riot + Armie Hammer Responds + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He was sexy on Lost in Space, but sexier as Zorro. Follow here.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot weatherman, a dead Trump doc, the armed and dangerous Republican from North Carolina, Biden facing impeachment on Day 1 (ha!) and more ...

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Jan 13 2021
QAnon Shaman's X-Rated Parody + Comey Says Trump Deserves Jail ... But Urges Biden To Consider A Pardon + Olympian Arrested + Liam Hemsworth's Butt Fur + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Nyle DiMarco is proud of his ... calendar appearance.

BELOW: Keep reading for the eroticization/mocking of that QShaman, Comey's latest contribution to American decline and more  ...

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The Boy Who Would Not Die: An Interview With Doug Probst — And Shawn Mayotte Comments (0)

Shawn-Mayotte-Doug-Probst-boyculture-2Shawn loved to be showered with attention — but it had a price. (Images by Kurt Deitrick)

Doug Probst is someone you might recognize under his professional name — Shawn Mayotte.

As a well-endowed, blond top twink, Mayotte appeared in the 1983 gay-porn classic Hot, High & Horny, whose title adhered to the precept of truth in advertising. He also posed many times for photographer Kurt Deitrick, the man who took over for the legendary shooter Bruce “Bruce of L.A.” Bellas when Bellas died in 1974.

250 Greatest Gay-Porn Stars — EVER!

Mayotte never became a true porn star, though he knew many and has lovingly eulogized them online from time to time, because he was making much better money as an A-list escort, a position he achieved not long after being abandoned to the streets by his parents while still a teenager. He was rented many times by rich and famous men — and women — and would be rich today himself if it weren't for his struggle with addiction.

Since his heyday, Mayotte — now Probst — Doug-Probst-Shawn-Mayotte-book-cover-boyculture-1has survived unthinkable abuse at the hands of his parents and government officials charged with protecting him, HIV, drugs and a long battle with narcissism, a defense mechanism that allowed him to function when so many in his world were telling him he didn't deserve to live.

The result is a pair of confessionals. First up, available now, is Mayotte: The Musings of a Narcissist, a searing memoir that documents the abuse that challenged him in his early years, and is filled with fascinating remembrances of his clients, albeit some whose names have been changed. Following this no-holds barred autobiography, which is a classic survivor's tale, Probst will publish Shawn Mayotte After Hours: Naked & Unashamed, a coffee-table book filled with his sexiest poses from over the years.

Doug, now a musician, opened up so much in Mayotte, which I've read and recommend, yet generously did so again for Boy Culture's questions. He really is an open book. Two, in fact ...

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