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Mar 10 2021
Stephen Amell & Alexander Ludwig Practically Naked + COVID-19 Relief On The Way + Gay Pandemic Timeline + Gatez Co-Opts #FreeBritney + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Marlene Dietrich was a gay man trapped in a 90-year-old shut-in's body.

BELOW: Keep reading for Stephen Amell & Alexander Ludwig barely dressed, COVID-19 relief officially on the way, Gaetz co-opts #FreeBritney and more ...

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Nov 20 2020
Wilson Cruz: Coverman + Heartbreaking Duet + Why We Should Call Trump's Bluff + The Poolboy Speaks + 14% Of LGBTQs Voted Trump + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Now this is how you do a profile.

BELOW: Wilson is Out, Trump is out of good options, the poolboy is outing the Falwells and more ...

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Nov 13 2020
Intrepid Interviewer Tracked Down + Naked Daredevil + Joint Chief vs. Dictator Trump + Gay BJ On GREY'S + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Steve-grand-axis-ass-butt-booty-gay-muscles-boycultureThe dude squatting was paid to do this. (Image via Instagram Stories)

ABOVE: Steve Grand had been leaning away from doing a calendar shoot this year. Happily, he leaned back into it.

BELOW: Bluntest interviewer ever interviewed, naked daredevil, gay BJ on network TV and more ...

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Jan 03 2020
Geraldo Rivera Schools Fox News On Trump's Murderous Buffoonery Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.38.08 AMWhen Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci and Geraldo Rivera are better-informed, more articulate and just plain fucking right than anyone — ANYONE — in the current Administration when it comes to Trump's Apoc-teasing, illegal assassination of Iran's #2 man, Soleimani, that should fucking terrify you.

The clip ...

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Oct 09 2016
6-PACK — High, Courtney + Mark Burnett Is With BEN HUR, Not With Her + Womanizers Stick Together + Hillary About To Graduate Electoral College + Obama Slam-Dunks Trump + Window Undressing! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Families that get high together, get by together?

*widget boy cultureThe Apprentice producer/right-wing Trump backer Mark Burnett warns staff against hot-mic leaks.

*widget boy cultureWomanizer (see above) Geraldo Rivera brags that he has embarrassing tapes of womanizer Trump.

*widget boy cultureElectoral map looking solid for Hillary Clinton as of today, 30 days out.

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Obama says Trump “pumps himself up by putting other people down.”

*widget boy cultureThink of this shirtless dude in underwear as Mr. Right in Your Window!

Jun 13 2016
Remembering The Pulse Victims Comments (0)

Ezgif.com-gif-makerRIP to all the Pulse victims (GIF by ezgif.com)

The Victims

Many of the 49 people murdered by Omar Mateen have been identified now; quite a few are seen in the GIF above.

Read more about them here and here.

Disproportionately Latino, black, and gay, three things the vile Mateen despised, according to a former co-worker and one of his ex-wives.

With people like Donald Trump hinting that President Obama may be sympathetic to Islamic terrorists, and with people like Geraldo Rivera casting aspersions on the courage of these victims for allegedly not doing enough to fight back (hope you'll get a chance in a similar situation, my man), we have to focus on who they were—they were just like most of us, and they were just out having a good time.

A couple of notes on the victims:

J.K. Rowling posted emotionally about Luis Vielma, a 22-year-old who worked on the Harry Potter ride at Universal, saying, “I can't stop crying.”

Amanda Alvear's final moments were recorded on Snapchat; she'd been joyously recording bits of her evening, and the final clip showed a close-up of her face while a series of shots rang out in the background.

Article-eddiejustice-0612Eddie Justice (Image via Facebook)

Echoing the unforgettable stories from 9/11, when dozens of people called their loved ones in a panic in their final minutes, Eddie Justice's story is particularly gut-wrenching. He texted his mother, “Mommy I love you” “In club they shooting” “Trapp in bathroom” “He's coming” and finally “I'm gonna die”.

My FB friend Jeffrey Michael touchingly, hilariously remembered his friend who died at Pulse in a way to which I'm betting many gay fans can relate:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.54.54 PM(Image via Facebook)

Latest Updates

The latest on the shooting is that President Obama believes—and this seems pretty clear—that Mateen was not directly supported by nor was he directed by ISIS to commit his crimes, but rather was self-radicalized.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has referred to the inspiration for the murders as radical Islamism, a shift for Democrats treading lightly so as not to play into terrorists' hands—it's clear they want the U.S. to single out Islam and turn this into a global war. As long as we're clear it's not Islam, I think calling it radical Islamism is perfectly appropriate.