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Jan 09 2022
Gay Wedding At Dodger Stadium + Betty White's Final Days + Gay Deaf Movie Romance + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If you never heard of him, now you have!

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay wedding at Dodger Stadium, Betty White's final days and more ...

Erik-braverman-dodgers-gay-boycultureBraverman had risen in the ranks to the upper echelons of power in the Dodgers org. (Image via Outsports)

BAKERSFIELD.COM: Erik Braverman and Jonathan Cottrell want to get married at Dodger Stadium, for some reason. And that's progress, for some reason. Braverman says:

Hopefully this will show that in a sport like baseball, even if you don't feel you fit in, you can always find a place.

They're out!

GR8ERDAYS: Betty White's final days sound relatively peaceful and content — and no, she didn't die of a COVID-19 booster.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Handicapping the Season 14 RuPaul's Drag Race frontrunner.

EXTRATV: Having recently given up on being California sober, Demi Lovato also apparently went through another rehab stint in '21.

Dwayne-hickman-dobie-gillis-rip-gr8erdaysDwayne Hickman with Bob Denver on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (Image via CBS)

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Dwayne Hickman, 87, the star of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

BACK2STONEWALL: The weekend movie is a sign-language-driven gay short called Signage.

Gay-signage-sign-language-movie-boyculture-back2stonewallAll signs point to a worthwhile watch. (Image via video still)

Jan 07 2022
OnlyFans Creator Faces Obscenity Charges + Sidney Poitier Dies @ 94 + Colton Haynes Raises 2 Good Points + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I am curious — yellow.

BELOW: Keep reading for the OnlyFans star who got arrested for it, the death of Sidney Poitier, Colton Haynes and his gay nips and more ...

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Jan 04 2022
Betty White Gets PEOPLE Send-Off Comments (0)

Betty-white-people-boyculture(Image via People)

I remember when People used to do full-cover send-offs to Old Hollywood stars who had died, but I wasn't aware of them doing it recently.

Betty White deserves this.

Jan 03 2022
Tennis Thighs + Richard Madden's Body Buffet + RIP Jim Toy + Trumps Subpoenaed + Trans Woman's JEOPARDY! Winning Streak + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: No mystery why this pic makes me feel better about 2022. For now.

BELOW: Keep reading for quite a nice spread, the Trumps in jeopardy, a trans winner on Jeopardy! and much more ...

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Jan 02 2022
RIP 2021 — Top 20 Most Impactful Celebrity Deaths Comments (0)

One more end-of-2021, obesely-morbid list!

I update my list of dead celebrities annually, one that puts forth my picks for the 20 most impactful deaths (so, Rush Limbaugh would make 2021 even though he was evil), and added 2021 here.

Check it out! I still say 1977 and 2016 are the worst years for celeb deaths in the past 45 years.

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Dec 31 2021
Betty White Dies @ 99 — Just Shy Of Her 100th Birthday Comments (0)

Betty-white-golden-girls-nbc-rip-obituary-dead-death-99-boycultureJanuary 22, 1922-December 30, 2021(Image via NBC)

Betty White has died at her Brentwood home at 99, just about 18 days shy of 100. I know that we should be happy she had such a long, lovely, fulfilling and useful life, but I tend to fixated on ... endings. And this is a very sad one.

Last Star Standing: An EXHAUSTIVE List of Stars Age 80+!

Hard to think of a more universally well-liked, admired, awarded and just plain ENJOYED performer.

Full obit.

Dec 28 2021
Gay Pulitzer Prize Winner On Why He Targeted Tyler Perry + Betty White At (Almost) 100! + Flu's Back + Hottest Male Models Of IG + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: No, he didn't come out. But this accidentally gay-baiting post is a nice stocking stuff.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay Pulitzer Prize winner, a gay artist smiled upon by the Queen of Pop, Betty White at 100 and more ...

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