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Dec 27 2014
Madonna & Her Manager Say Gaga Diss Song Isn't Comments (0)


With the leak of a song by Madonna called “Two Steps Behind” that seems to be about Lady Gaga (if and only if Madonna would be willing to concede that Gaga is “pretty”), the media has already begun whipping up stan wars...and Gaga has Instagrammed an ominous warning to an unnamed witch.

But Madonna's manager Guy Oseary, responding to fan inquiries, has said the song is “NOT about gaga or anyone in particular.” Also, he confirms that the song, currently in unfinished demo form, will not be released.


And Madonna herself has chimed in:



Nov 30 2014
Need To Know: REBEL, REBEL + RAGING Gyllenhaal + Don't Masc, Don't Tell + World AIDS Daydream: No New HIV Cases + MORE! Comments (0)

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*widget boy cultureABC implies Madonna's song leaks may be on purpose.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's manager asserts the leaks are not on purpose.

*widget boy culturePop Justice likes the leaks.

*widget boy cultureJake Gyllenhaal goes full Raging Bull for new role.

*widget boy cultureGirl, you need this before you hit Grindr again.

*widget boy cultureStill more info on Shia LaBeouf's alleged rape.


*widget boy cultureDJ Konai remix of “Let It Go” by Dragonette.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama on World AIDS Day.

*widget boy cultureSF leaders have a plan to cut HIV infections to ZERO.

*widget boy cultureThis kid should go on tour with instead of Mariah.

*widget boy cultureAmy Poehler & Tina Fey are back to rule the Golden Globes.

*widget boy culturePutin's pal Mickey Rourke boxed in Russia.

*widget boy cultureGOP bombs out on tech charm offensive.

*widget boy cultureThis one word saved former Officer Darren Wilson from prison?

Nov 28 2014
Leak Mystique: Snippets Of Madonna's Avicii Collab REBEL HEART Trickle Out Comments (0)

Though Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, is livid—which means I won't post the actual leak—the snippet everyone's hearing of Madonna's upcoming Avicii collaboration sounds good to me. “Rebel Heart” has a OneRepublic sound to me, not a total dance song, introspective. The lyrics arereminiscent of “Drowned World (Substitute of Love)”, the song, and American Life, the era. It has a radio-friendly feel, she's singing in her lower register (some have complained about the vocal but it's refeshing and matches the lyrical content). It's catchy and mature. I wouldn't go out on a limb and say it's a hit, though—I've thought lots of her non-hit tunes sounded like hits and vice versa.

HuffPo UK likes, Idolator notes that Madonna's in charge, MuuMuse and others note the pronunciation of the word “narcissist.” (IMHO, Madonna has has a hard R forever and ever; my college prof and I talked endlessly about her R sound in La Isla Bonita.)

What do you think?