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Dec 18 2019
Top 10 Hottest Underrated Gay Movies Of The Decade Comments (0)

As the decade closes out and everyone celebrates the best of the best, one can't help but feel like so many hot movies are being forgotten. Here are MrMan’s Top 10 picks for the hottest underrated gay movies of the past decade! There were so many to choose from ... this decade was out, proud and filled with dicks ...

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Apr 09 2019
Your Future Ex-Crush: Harris Dickinson In The Raw Comments (0)

Breathtaking Brit Harris Dickinson already has enough sexy scenes to earn him a Body of Work on MrMan!

Now, join MrMan in celebrating Harris’ insanely toned bod, to which we were all first introduced in 2017’s breakout LGBT flick Beach Rats ...

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Feb 26 2019
Harris Dickinson Gay For (Actor's) Pay Again + Cohen Set To Fix Trump + Trump Finally In Vietnam + Trans Athletes Competing + Val Kilmer's Naked Son + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Doing a few lines.

BELOW: Keep reading for Harris Dickinson shirtless, Cohen comin' for Trump, gaping marketing ploys and more ...

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Aug 31 2017
High Times: A Review Of Eliza Hittman's Edgy, Restless BEACH RATS Comments (0)

1024x1024Beach Rats has a lot going for it, most of all its hypnotically vacant lead, Harris Dickinson. With no apparent effort, he communicates his character's internal struggle via sexy, empty blue eyes. The trick is he only seems like a void, a random Brooklyn kid shuffling through the last year of his teens. But in the same way he's pretty on the outside but pretty conflicted within, Frankie's aggressive attempt to recede makes him stand out, and his desire to disappear gives away that there is more to him than his friends could guess ...

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Aug 27 2017
BEACH RATS Finally Washes Ashore + Trans Servicemembers At The VMAs + Houston Disaster + Ryan Breaks With Trump (Meekly) + Taylor Swift's Director Denies Bey Rip-Off + RIP Writer Of ANNIE, HAIRSPRAY — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

DFNMeoeXYAADo0wOpening this weekend was the highly anticipated film Beach Rats, Eliza Hittman's indie feature about closted gay sexuality and its outcome.

Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience gives it a rave.

Keep reading for more on this, Hurricane Harvey, Ryan's bucking of Trump and more of the day's hottest links ...

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