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Mar 09 2022
Gay Dating App Helping To House Ukrainian Refugees + Trump's Putin Envy + Wrestler-Mania + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Seasons of lust.

BELOW: Keep reading for the gay dating app working to help in Ukraine, Trump's Putin envy, RIP Conrad Janis and more ...

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Feb 27 2022
Barry Williams On Robert Reed + RIP Leo Bersani & Nick Zedd + Romney: I HAVE MORONS ON MY TEAM + Luscious Grant Show + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: At CPAC, Trump was lobbed a softball question about whether he'd take up arms to defend the U.S. Even though a U.S. president would NEVER be in that situation, and he could have just said he would of course do it, Trump is such a fucking coward he couldn't even offer hypothetical bravery.

BELOW: Keep reading for Greg on Mike Brady, Leo Bersani & Nick Zedd RIP, more on the invasion of Ukraine and more ...

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Feb 16 2022
Fagulous Fire Island Music Archive + Eric Adams Hiring KILL THE GAYS Booster + LeVar Burton: He's With The Banned + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Beach boy.

BELOW: Keep reading for incredible gay music archive, Eric Adams goes anti-gay, LeVar Burton urges the reading of banned books and more ...

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Feb 14 2022
Vivian Blaine Was The HIV/AIDS Warrior Who Never Got Any Credit Comments (0)

Vivian-Blaine-AIDS-HIV-boyculture-eichler-gayBlaine was moved to act when several close friends died of a disease with no name. (Image via headshot)

I'm proud HIV Plus Magazine has published a piece I wrote on what has been called the first AIDS benefit on the West Coast, an evening at Women Behind Bars that included a parade of '50s stars who were showing up early to lend their names to the cause.

My Q&A with Alan Eichler, Who Conceived of the Event — HERE

Most interestingly, Miss Adelaide herself, Vivian Blaine, was not only a prominent part of the event, but did press on TV decrying government inaction on AIDS — and did that in 1983. The great lady would have turned 100 this past November.

Also, again, don't forget to check out Alan Eichler's YouTube channel. He is giving away pure gold. This one is particularly fascinating, an interview Blaine gave to Skip E. Lowe, including the topic of AIDS, with the then-editor of The National Enquirer (what ever happened to Don Monte?) at her side.

Three Hot Jocks + RIP Ivan Reitman Of GHOSTBUSTERS, MEATBALLS, ANIMAL HOUSE Fame + Black Gay Priest Fights Church + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This guy has brass balls to do this in Louisiana. WOW!

BELOW: Keep reading for three hot jocks, the loss of a comedy great and more ...

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Feb 13 2022
Goldie Hawn On Mental Health And ... Masks? Comments (0)

Goldie-hawn-mask-mandates-fox-news-boycultureOf course she had to go on right-wing media to push this. Again. After talking with Megyn Kelly. (Image via video still)

Goldie Hawn's comments on mental health — on right-wing media and in a USA Today op-ed — appear to oppose mask mandates, or are otherwise being twisted to create that appearance. Honestly, most of what she has said is pretty sensible and is probably less out-there than what a lot of super rich, super privileged people think but are too wise to say out loud: She acknowledges that there is a mental health crisis for children and teens and wants to attack it with education.

However, she is consistently being invited onto conservative media because her comments dovetail with their fake concern over mental health as a way to capitalize politically on mask and vax fatigue. If conservatives cared AT ALL about the mental health of kids, they wouldn't be pro-bullying, which they are when it involves LGBTQ youth, the ones most likely to be victimized.

I think it is unclear — so far — just how sympathetic she is to the right-wing approach to COVID-19, which could be summed up as: good luck with that, but my main issue with her speaking out is that two weeks ago, she said to right-wing harpy Megyn Kelly:

A lot of Hollywood has a lot of missions, right? And you know, you want to put your name onto something that you believe in, but it doesn’t make a difference. And that’s the reality. I stay in my lane.

I don't see how her running the (checks notes) Goldie Hawn Foundation jibes with her beliefs about celebrities SingTFU.

On substance, she told Fox News that mental illness is “something that can actually last” (implying viruses go away?). She even claims that the real “contagion” is being around adversity and anxiety, which is rich considering we have an actually contagious virus we're trying to combat. Her comments sound less moored when she rant about virtual reality and “ocular” tricks being used to pull kids away from reality. That's where she's sounding kind of Hollywood lefty freaky-deaky.

But on masks:

I'm not anti-mask, I'm not for-mask, okay? I'm really neutral on that. Because everybody has their own decision, and it's really hard when you mandate it — I get it.

Neutral doesn't mean anti-mask mandate, but how does complaining about masks and other anti-COVID measures relate to her saying:

We have to go from the me to we.

Isn't vaccinating and wearing a mask and social distancing during an uptick in the virus the epitome of we vs. me?

At any rate, I looked into this because I saw her being quoted (and mocked) as saying masks are “destructing” our children's mental health, which is a much more definitive-sounding statement than the apparently made.

Feb 10 2022
Alan Ritchson's REACHER Butt Stuff + Trump Flushed Docs? + Florida's Don't Say Gay Bill Advances + How Bob Saget Really Died + Did Bea & Rue Call Betty The C-Word?! + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: One of Tom's (many, many) men.

BELOW: Keep reading for breaking news on Alan Ritchson's butt, Florida's Don't Say Gay bill, how Bob Saget really died and more ...

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Feb 09 2022
Zac Efron's New Role Is Fire + Bad Week For Gucci + LEAVE GAGA ALONE + Diller Ends Print Editions of INSTYLE, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Happy 62nd to Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I, of course, loved them at the time, but I never became enough of a fan to deeply investigate the group's history. Holy shit, this (restored) perf they gave at Hope & Anchor 40 years ago is fucking HARD. Holly had a crazy body under his later, label-mandated sarcastic preppy look! Also, love this earlier version of “Relax.” The “I don't wanna die!” is haunting in light of the impending AIDS epidemic.

BELOW: Keep reading for Zac Efron's hot new performance, the end of the print editions of two popular mags and more ...

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