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Sep 05 2022
Henry Cavill POV Gift To His Fans Comments (0)

Henry-cavill-boycultureOh, Henry! (Image via video still)

Now you can envision topping Henry Cavill, thanks to ... Henry Cavill!

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May 15 2021
Henry Cavill Shames Fans And Followers For SPECULATION, Writes: I AM VERY HAPPY IN LOVE Comments (0)

Henry-cavill-natalie-viscuso-boycultureCavill with lady love Natalie Viscuso, a VP at a company behind some of his movies. (Image via Instagram)

In an unusually passionate and personal Instagram post, Superman star Henry Cavill all but begged fans to stop speculating about his private and professional lives (what's left to speculate about?!), arguing that the gossip was taking a toll on him.

Without specifying what topics were leaving a mark, he wrote:

Dear fans and followers, I wanted to make a wee community announcement. I couldn't help but notice that there has been some social animosity of late. It's becoming increasingly prevalent on my feed. There has been lots of, let's call it speculation for now, about my private life and professional partnerships.

He allowed:

Now, while I do appreciate the passion and support by those very people who are “speculating,” It has come to such a point that I needed to say something, which in itself, is a bad thing. We are living in an age of social enlightenment. More and more, people are realising that their views may have been blinkered and that they need to expand them to encompass others. So, to you out there who are expressing your disdain and showing your displeasure through a surprising variety of ways, it's time to stop. I know it can be fun to speculate, to gossip, and to dive into our own personal echo chambers on the internet, but your “passion” is misplaced, and it causes harm to the people I care about most. Even your most conservative of negative assumptions about both my personal and professional life just aren't true. Let's embrace this age of social enlightenment together, and move forward with positivity.

He ended, killing us — I mean them — with kindness:

I am very happy in love, and in life. I'd be enormously grateful if you were happy with me. If you can't bring yourself to be happy with me, then at the very least try to do yourself proud and be the best version of yourself.

I guess it's all standard Oprah stuff, but I hope there nothing weirder to it.

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May 05 2021
Happy Birthday Suit, Henry Cavill! Comments (0)

Henry Cavill turns 38 years young today, and Mr. Man is celebrating with a look at the British stud's sexiest nude and shirtless roles to date ...

We first got to see Cavill in all of his model-hot glory when he was just a young jock in I Capture the Castle in 2003. Cavill's early success helped him nab a role on the historical drama series The Tudors, where he delivered his best nude scene to date. Here we can see Cavill's perfect peach of an ass during a nude scene in the boudoir.

Henry Cavill hit the gym in a major way following his role on The Tudors, and he flaunted his huge, manly, hairy, mouther watering chest in everything from Man of Steel to Justice League to The Witcher.

We can't think of a better way to pay tribute to this gorgeous specimen of masculinity than to check out some of his most boner-inducing on screen MOANments. For ALL of Cavill’s naked moments, come this way ;)

Apr 12 2021
OnlyFans As Self-Care? + Nancy Reagan Was No AIDS Angel + Pepper-Spraying Cop Fired + Henry Cavill Loves Girls + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Influencers explained.

BELOW: Keep reading for OnlyFans as therapy, that pepper-spraying cop gets shit-canned, why Nancy Reagan's legacy should NOT be as AIDS angel and more ...

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Mar 31 2021
Henry Cavill's Trainer Blames COVID-19 Risk On Fat People, Likens Them To Terrorists Comments (0)

Michael-blevins-training-henry-cavill-boycultureHenry Cavill's bodybuilding bestie (Image via video still)

Michael Blevins, a close personal friend of actor Henry Cavill's who has trained him since 2011, used Instagram Stories to argue against the COVID-19 vaccine and mock masks, leaning on his belief that the main reason the virus has been so deadly — well over a million killed worldwide — is because too many of you are fat, fat, fat.

For a guy whose mission statement seems to be that marketing is suspect (“anything that is required for life to continue does not need marketing”), it is perhaps a bit on the money for a professional trainer to blame the severity of a pandemic on being out of shape.

Marketing-michael-blevins-boyculture“Don't fall prey to marketing,” he marketed. (Image via Instagram)

Obesity is clearly one risk factor when it Blevins-aids-obesity-boyculture copy comes to having a tough time with COVID-19, as are many other underlying conditions, including asthma, previous bouts of cancer, kidney dysfunction and age — I wonder how many of those things Blevins would similarly categorize as being one's own fault, and one's own problem?

It makes you wonder what he would say about, just for one hypothetical example, HIV transmission?

Oops, he already answered that, saying if businesses discriminate against non-vaccinated people, why not discriminate obese people — and the immunocompromised?

Body-fat-michael-blevins-boycultureOh, Henry. (Image via Instagram)

Blevins gives the hyperbolic phrase “body Nazi” a whole new meaning, writing:

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Oct 22 2020
Top 10 Most-Searched Naked Male Celebs Comments (0)

These celebrities put the ogle in Google!

Mr. Man rounded up the 10 most-searched naked male celebs, according to its male-nudity database site.

Everyone and their DILF wants to see what these men look like without their clothes, and we happen to have the results! If you want to see MORE of the most-searched nude male celebs in their full NSFW glory, you can head HERE.

And now, your Top 10 ...

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Jul 17 2020
Henry Cavill Knows How To Handle His Parts Comments (0)

Henry-cavill-shirtless-computer-boycultureHandy man! (Images via Instagram)

Remarkable specimen Henry Cavill put on a wifebeater and assembled a computer so that we could check out how he handles his parts:

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Apr 16 2020
Mr. Man's Top 10 Famous Boys With Bubbles Comments (0)

Has got it, does flaunt it. (GIF via GIPHY; images via Mr. Man)

Hollywood certainly does an excellent job trying to kill us with hindness! And we can all use some of that during these trying times.

These boys have big bubbles and Mr. Man loves to see it. Who doesn't love a celebrity with juicy hamhocks?

Check out this top ten list of big booties, and remember that if you CLICK and sign up for Mr. Man, Boy Culture gets some money from the, er, back end ...

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