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Jul 28 2021
Hot Anchor + Ed Buck GUILTY X 9 + Dua Lipa Disavows DaBaby + Taylor Greene & Gaetz Run Like Cowards + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This is my recipe for soup.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hairy chest for the ages, Ed Buck gets his comeuppance, Dua Lipa disavows DaBaby, Nancy Pelosi calls a moron a moron and more ...

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Jul 24 2021
Celebrated Figures We Have Lost In 2021 — So Far Comments (0)


Following is a comprehensive list of the celebrated figures we've lost in 2021 ... so far.

Each name is followed by the deceased figure's age at the time of death, birth and death dates, a description and a link to the original obit.

Who did I miss?

Read 'em and weep ...

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Jul 20 2021
New Zealand's Gay Diver + Anti-Vaxxer Dies Of (Guess What?) + Texas State Senate Enshrines White Supremacy In School Rules + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I almost missed Charles Pierce's 95th birth anniversary, but if you follow Gr8erDays, you won't miss most celeb b'days and nostalgic posts.

BELOW: Keep reading for an out Olympian from New Zealand, death (from COVID-19) of an anti-vaxxer, Texas state Senate goes full-on white supremacist and more ...

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Jul 19 2021
Disco Rocks! Comments (0)

Dave-wiegel-disco-boycultureSome lies detected ... (Image via Twitter)

Major Twitter conversation over whether Boomers are the ones who rejected disco (hello — some Boomers INVENTED disco, some loved it, some burned its records), but the new Foo Fighters aka DeeGees take on “Tragedy” feels timely, either way:

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Jul 07 2021
How Lil Nas X Became Lil Nas X + Todrick Hall On FEMULINE + Dyllón Burnside: SEX BETWEEN MEN IS NOT DIRTY + Trump Hearts Hitler + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Billy Campbell is 62 — and still hot. Please follow Gr8erDays here.

BELOW: Keep reading for profiles of Lil Nas X, Todrick Hall, Dyllón Burnside & Bretman Rock, Eric Adams copping out, fresh documentation of Trump's idolatry of Hitler and more...

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Jul 02 2021
Wrestle Ya For It + Gay History Of Cherry Grove + Let Sha-Carri Run! + Colton Underwood, Hairy & Naked + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: “Normalize spitting?” No. During sex? If you insist. The rest — yay.

BELOW: Sha'Carri Richardson disqualified, Kenworthy and Underwood continue their media assault, Kirstie Alley wobbles toward QAnonism and more ...

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Jun 28 2021
Randy Wicker, Gay Activist Since 1958, Reflects On Prides Past & Present Comments (0)

Randy Wicker by Matthew RettenmundIMG_0529*****_newMy shot of Randy from 2019, when he was celebrating Gertrude Stein's birth anniversary (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Randy Wicker is an LGBTQ activist who has been at it longer than almost anyone else in the world — at age 83, he has been fighting the gay fight for 63 years and counting.

If you Google him, you will find references to him that verify who he is and what he has done, which is not true of some others over the years who have claimed to have been things they were not. He was the first publicist for any LGBTQ movement, he worked in the South to bring reform and gay rights, he launched the Homosexual League of New York after having been an early Mattachine Society member, he was on radio and TV as an out gay man in the 1960s and to top it off, he was a roommate of Marsha P. Johnson's.

Today, Randy posted a long message on Facebook reflecting on his experiences with gay Pride parades over the years, and I think his words are important. They also reveal that being older is no excuse for being closed to change.

He writes:

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Family Brands Boy As GAY ASS BITCH + Lil Nas X's Emasculation Proclamation + Barr Turns On Trump + Gay NFLers Of The '90s? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Kaia Gerber (beautiful daughter of beautiful Cindy Crawford and beautiful Rande Gerber) has, surprisingly, picked a beautiful boyfriend.

Plugged In Jake Taylor Man's Best Feb boyculture 1996img20210616_15581808Below, all the freshest links your ... I think computer ... can handle! (Image via Wash West Prod.)

BELOW: Keep reading for the worst family ever, Lil Nas X's shenanigans for change, Bill Barr turning on Trump and more...

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