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Jan 17 2019
Gay West Hollywood: 1980 Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 1.10.29 PMA store manager talks about how gay men started all the fashion trends. (Images via video still)

This vintage news report on West Hollywood and its gay population has such a weird, Jekyll & Hyde quality — on the one hand, it's progressive in that it shows gay people and gives voice to their plight.

“You'd call it a political no-man's land, if — given its context — the term didn't sound so ridiculous.”

On the other hand, the reporter can't help juxtaposing words like wholesome, family-style and ordinary with the concept of homosexuality.

Another aspect of watching all these gay people in 1980 is the desire to be able to go back and warn them of what was just about to hit ...

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Fleshback: Savage Love Comments (0)

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Ukrainian Soldier Comes Out + New Madonna Movie + Matthew Camp Wrecks Chris Crocker + Ross Mathews Has A Hot Piece + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Because The Wizard of Oz is 80 this year.

BELOW: Gay Ukrainian soldier, new Madonna movie, Ross Mathews has an expensive-looking hot piece, Cardi B is fed up with Trump and more ...

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Jan 07 2019
Dress The Way You Please And Put Your Mind At Ease: The San Francisco Shots Of Thomas Allemann Comments (0)

Thomas-alleman-1980s-san-francisco-1Haight fest (Image by Thomas Alleman)

Check out the incredible work of photographer Thomas Alleman, who shot countless images of the LGBTQ community in San Francisco from the mid-'80s on ... HERE.

Jan 04 2019
Fleshback Comments (0)

Hot stuff from the past.

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Jan 01 2019
Madonna Surprises Stonewall With Acoustic Set, Warm Speech: WE COME TOGETHER TONIGHT TO CELEBRATE 50 YEARS OF REVOLUTION Comments (0)

DSC09318 copy_new(Image by Matthew Rettenmund — do not publish anywhere without permission)

I never do anything on New Year's Eve ...

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Dec 27 2018
BROMANS Show-Off + Gay China Circa 1993 + Booty Call Of The Wild + Instagram Self-Destructing? + Anti-Gay Cabbie Smacked Down + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: His abs are unforgiving.

BELOW: Keep reading for a reality star fully nude, Dave Grohl jamming to Madonna, an anti-gay cabbie gets his due and more ...

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Dec 20 2018
Glenn Klauber's Got It, Flaunts It + Homo History + Trump vs. Coulter + Pocketful Of Penises + Insane Xmas Performances + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The co-op wouldn't allow the wreath on the front door, so ...

BELOW: Keep reading for a show-off who's got plenty to show off, vintage gayness, a bag filled with 30+ human pensies and more ...

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