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Feb 23 2020
Julian Morris Showers + Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada + Clint For Bloomberg + Bathhouse Brouhaha + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Julian Morris — all wet.

BELOW: Keep reading for the spreading Bern, hot selfies, a kid asks Buttigieg for coming-out advice and more  ...

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Feb 18 2020
Ping-Pong Ding-Dong + Rosario Dawson Comes Out: 2 + Cher For Biden + Tennis Tush + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Summer, hurry up.

BELOW: Keep reading for bareassed ping-pong, Trump pardoning a fellow crook, Cory Booker dating a member of the LGBTQ+ community and more ...

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Feb 15 2020
Boy In The Band: A Review Of Drew Droege's HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG Comments (0)

Happy Birthday Doug Key Art Horizontal-boycultureLet's toast to “you're toast.” (Images by Russ Rowland)

If you're late to the party on Drew Droege, that's okay — he's usually at one, at least onstage.

My Review of Bright Colors and Bold Patterns HERE

Following his exhaustingly well-observed and brutally funny tour de force Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, Droege is back with another vivisection of the lifestyles of the gay and familiar, Happy Birthday Doug.

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Feb 14 2020
Happy Gay Valentine's Day! Comments (0)

Valentines-Day-heart-messages-boycultureYours? (Image by BoyCulture.com)

Yeah, my versions of the classic Valentine's Day Sweethearts aka conversation hearts are not as warm-and-fuzzy.

But though the iconic originals went away in 2019, they are making a comeback. Of sorts.

Feb 13 2020
Bird-Doggin' Joe Jonas's Butt + Jim Jordan Accused Of Witness Tampering + Sanders To Headline DNC $$$-Raiser? + The Return Of Hope (Hicks) + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: NYC views.

BELOW: Keep reading to stare at Joe Jonas's ass, for Trump's (and America's) slide into dementia, for Jim Jordan getting called out as a felonious cry-baby and more ...

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Feb 11 2020
Larry David To Trump Fans: GO 'ALIENATE' YOURSELVES! Comments (0)

Larry-david-boycultureI certainly like a lot of those celebs who say they won't be political so as not to alienate half of their fans (Dolly Parton among them), but I like the ones who are outspoken so much more.

Case in point: Larry David.

There is no curbing his enthusiasm for saying exactly what he thinks about MAGAts ...

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Feb 10 2020
Speedo Heaven + Buttigieg's Sexual Orientation Brings Out The Worst In You + RuPaul On SNL + RIP Paula Kelly — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Train me!

BELOW: Keep reading for a hard-workin' Speedo, Buttigieg's sexual orientation as catalyst for internalized (and externalized) homophobia, a Michael Henry video takes a serious turn, the late Paula Kelly and more ...

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Feb 08 2020
MAKING LOVE: David Dean Bottrell Not Only Airs, He Performs His Dirty Laundry Comments (0)

David dean bottrell makes love -  in dressing room at Dixon Place  NYC before recording on Jan 14  2020 - photo courtesy of Penguin Random HouseIs there a lover in the house? (Image via Penguin Random House)

If you're in NYC, check out David Dean Bottrell Makes Love: A One-Man Show, which the legendary Charles Bush calls “brilliant” ...

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