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Feb 05 2020
Q&A: Marco Morante Is What's NEXT IN FASHION Comments (0)

Marco-Marco-Morante-Next-in-Fashion-gay-boycultureThe face — more or less! — of gay fashion (Image supplied)

Marco Morante is in vogue.

Currently seen on the Netflix reality series Next in Fashion — which allows you to buy the work of all the show's competitors — his gay-very-friendly underwear line, Marco Marco, has never been hotter.

I chatted with Marco about fashion, stand-out models, and how to overcome anything in a world where bots are ready to trash you for waking up in the morning ...

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Jan 28 2020
DeAngelo Jackson On His Historic GayVN Win, His TOM OF FINLAND Shoot And Why He Takes Trans Issues Personally Comments (0)

DeAngelo-Jackson-boycultureBubbles/butt (Image via Off the Clock Productions)

DeAngelo Jackson is one of the best-built, best-looking actors in gay porn, and famous enough to warrant inclusion on my recent list of all-time porn greats.

History's 250 Greatest Gay-Porn Stars: A LIST

Though his ascent to the top DeAngelo-Jackson-bulge-Noir-Male-boycultureranks of fantasy material is a recent phenomenon, he actually began shooting porn a decade ago — and lost his virginity at 22 in his first scene.

The DeAngelo who returned to the business is more mature in every way, which is perhaps why he has become so in-demand, with Noir Male snapping him up and fans eating him up just like Jackson Reed did in that scene. You know the one.

Follow DeAngelo on Instagram: HERE

Capping off a stellar couple of years, he just won Best Actor at the GayVN Awards for Blended Family, making him the first black man to take top (okay, vers) honors.

Chatting with him, I found him to be grounded and self-deprecating, with a good head on his shoulders. And good head is a must in porn ...

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Nov 14 2019
My Q&A With Jonathan Tucker Comments (0)

Untitled-5(Image by Karl Simone; posted with permission from Iris Covet Book)

Check out my Q&A with hot actor Jonathan Tucker for Iris Covet Book HERE.

Oct 26 2019
Model Interview: Marcos Enrique Mejia Comments (0)

Image015(Image by Jahmar Amani for Modus Vivendi)

On Friday, I posted the new Animal Line shoot from Modus Vivendi. Learn more about one of the models, Marcos Enrique Mejia, here:

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Oct 16 2019
Interview With A Vivendi Model: Darko Salvatore Comments (0)

Image015(Image by Andrés Moca for Modus Vivendi)

Recently, I ran images from Modus Vivendi's Camo Marine Line. Now, MV has kindly provided this meaty Q&A with model Manuel Hoya Rodriguez ...

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Oct 15 2019
Interview With A Vivendi Model: Manuel Hoyas Rodriguez Comments (0)

Image014(Image by Andrés Moca for Modus Vivendi)

Recently, I ran images from Modus Vivendi's Camo Marine Line. Now, MV has kindly provided this meaty Q&A with model Manuel Hoya Rodriguez ...

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Nov 20 2017
My Interview With Julian Morris Comments (0)

IRISWeb_Julian_Morris_06(Image by Karl Simone for Iris Covet Book)

Please check out my interview with Man in an Orange Shirt and Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House actor Julian Morris for Iris Covet Book interview here.

How'd I do?

In case you think he's kinda cute — yes, he's also from Pretty Little Liars — keep reading to think he's the sexiest thing ever ...

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Nov 10 2017
Ross Lynch On Playing Jeffrey Dahmer, Welcoming Gay Fans & Becoming A Star Comments (0)

Twenty-one-year-old Ross Lynch, who starred as a crushworthy musician on Disney Channel's Austin & Ally for five years and who headed up two Teen Beach Movie installments for the network,  isn't on the typical Mouse House trajectory of some of his forebears.

Giphy Brady_and_tanner_teen_beach_movie_like_me_garrett_clayton_ross_lynch_shirt_teaseThe Teen Beach boys: Ross Lynch & Garrett Clayton (GIFs via Disney Channel)

When I met him back in 2012, he struck me as a potential future Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake, displaying effortless dance skills and bursting into song while I attempted to corral him for an interview for the teen mag I founded. He also had mega-charm, enough to stick out among a cast of talents that included similarly charismatic Garrett Clayton.

Screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-1-07-31-pmLynch is transformed on the big screen as Dahmer (Image via FilmRise)

Instead of a solo journey, Lynch surprised me by eschewing the Hilary/Miley/Demi/Selena route, focusing on music with his mostly-family rock band R5 and, now, by choosing a movie role that represents a 180 from his perky Disney character Austin Moon, that of a teenage Jeffrey Dahmer before his serial-killing days in the well-received My Friend Dahmer.

It's a disturbing film, one that could best be described as coming-of-rage.

My Review of My Friend Dahmer

In the film, which is in theaters now, he brings to life a pathologically awkward teenage boy whose family trouble, social-outcast status and verboten, unannounced homosexuality make him strangely relatable ... until you remind yourself that the character would, in real life, grow up to kill and eat a bunch of innocent dudes.

I spoke with Lynch about this unique moment in his life and career, when everybody's niece knows him and more adults are getting the memo every day, as well as all about the bold-as-hell movie that is helping to put him on the grown-up map ...

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