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Mar 25 2019
Express Your Selfie + Barr None: Mueller Report Still A Mystery + Buttigieg Surges + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Grandpa, what did you do for extra money after the War?

BELOW: Keep reading for sizzlin' selfies (not mine), why the Mueller Report could still be (and probably is) explosive and much, much more ...

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Feb 22 2019
Cole Sprouse In Leather + Trump's Pedo Scandal + Stolen NC Election Do-Over + Smollett's Character Axed + Must Pretty People Be Banned To Promote Body Positivity? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The great outdoors.

BELOW: Keep reading for Cole Sprouse in leather pants, Trump Administration's connection to pedophilia, Trump's surprise when asked about his Administration's push to end the criminalization of homosexuality and yet more whining about body positivity (couched in negativity toward the people with traditionally great bodies) ...

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Jan 23 2019
Hold Your Breath! + Bryan Singer Facing 4 New Accusers + Couple Gay-Bashed In Austin + MAGA Teen Isn't Sorry + Logan Paul's Follies + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The scenic route.

BELOW: Deep dive between some dude's legs, the truth comes out about Bryan Singer, gay-bashed men seeking justice, Logan Paul capitalizes on his gaffe and more ...

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Jan 21 2019
Televangelist Admits Gay Affair In Old Recording, Sued For Sexual Abuse + Trump's Perfunctory MLK Jr. Day Visit + Chaz Finds Love + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I miss summer. A lot.

BELOW: Keep reading for a televangelist's gay shame, Chaz's happiness, how Trump celebrated MLK Jr. Day and more ...

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Jun 19 2018
Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls: Iowa City Pride Fest 2018 Comments (0)

41948159315_4262f7038c_o(All images by Alan Light)

Shooter Alan Light turns in another fun photo essay of some of the participants in last week's Iowa City Pride Fest 2018!

More of Alan's HOT Iowa Pics Here!


Of course his work and my edit are guy-centric considering the thrust of my blog, but it's always inspiring to see so many people coming out to these events, more and more, over time — and we don't all have to look great shirtless.


That said, it's also nice to appreciate beauty, because God knows it's precious and doesn't last ...

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Jun 11 2018
Iowa City Hotness On Parade Comments (0)

42455406242_bc4b3b1ca2_k(All images by Alan Light)

My buddy Alan Light, a terrific photographer with an eye for the guys turns in dozens of fresh pics from the Iowa City Arts Fest 2018 ...

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Jun 06 2018
Zach Walls Wins Iowa Primary Comments (0)

Zach Walls, the articulate young man who in 2011 talked lovingly about his two moms when the country was in the thick of the gay-marriage debate, tonight won his primary for a state senate seat in Iowa!

GREAT results overall for Dems in Iowa, including a smashed turn-out record.

Mar 26 2018
Gus On GAY TIMES + RIP Colton Haynes's Mom + Stormy's Big Ratings + Can Stormy ID Trump's Junk? + You Can ID Adam DeVine's Junk + Adam Rippon's Lewks + Trump's Trans Ban Via Pence + Puerto Vallarta Hate Crime + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Matteo Lane giving Tony Sansone vibes.

Below: Keep reading for Gus Kenworthy on Gay Times, Colton Haynes's tragic loss, Stormy's double-D ratings, Rippon's lewks, Trump's trans ban, hate crime in Puerto Vallarta, ACT UP anniversary, Adam DeVine full monty, cute dude, Bieber shirtless and Todrick Hall's hot new track ...

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