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Feb 28 2019
Matthew Camp-ing It Up + Hairy-Chested TV Guide + Luke Perry Ailing + Netanyahu Nailed + Trump Sides With Kim Jong Un Over U.S. Citizen + Gay Flick + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Matthew Camp, who arrived some time ago, has arrived again!

BELOW: Keep reading for sexy TV, a new gay movie, Trump sucking up to Kim Jong Un, that Madonna movie and more ...

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Sep 14 2018
You're Welcome: The Golden Boys Of GOLDEN BOY Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.02.00 AM(Images via video still)

I try to only link to things that are new, but every once in a while, I can't resist posting a new discovery of something old.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.01.48 AM

Today's Flashback Friday is more a Fleshback Friday — a sumptuously shot beach video from 2015 entitled “Golden Boy” ...

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Jul 30 2018
Sacha Baron Cohen Gives Roy Moore The WHO IS AMERICA? Treatment Comments (0)

Roy Moore Sacha Baron Cohen(Image via Showtime)

It's incredible to me that even a dumb-ass like Roy Moore would fall for Sacha Baron Cohen's fairly obvious ruse ...

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Jul 23 2018
DNA Dish + Macklemore & KJ Apa Show Skin + Trump's Iran Nuke Threat + NYDN Layoffs + You'll Get A Sam Underwoodie + Madonna Vogues In The O.R. + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Mood.

Below: Fresh DNA, Macklemore and KJ Apa both flash flesh, layoffs at thorn-in-Trump's-side NYDN, vogueing in the O.R., and more ...

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Jul 19 2018
A Voyeuristic Peek At PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL + Netanyahu Stabs Gays In The Back + Queer Heat + Soccer Junk Flies Free! + Spicer: Mueller Not Hunting Witches + Cuomo Open To Slaying Trumps + Gay Porn Actors And The Women Who Love Them + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Yes, but can you moan DAD when he's possibly younger than you are?

Below: Peeking at hot guys in a hot mag, queer visuals that are anything but empty, a soccer player's junk flops out, Netanyahu betrays gays, and much more ...

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Jun 19 2018
U.S. Quitting U.N. Human Rights Council Comments (0)

It's like The Handmaid's Tale is a real-time cautionary tale — the U.S. is leaving the U.N. Human Rights Council ...

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May 30 2018
Oh, Roseanne Is Anti-LGBT, Too (Logo, Are You Still Showing Her Reruns?) Comments (0)


Not to beat a dead career, but Roseanne is anti-LGBT, too. This Daily Kos reporter recalled being slurred by her, and while I can't find the receipts — crazy woman loves to tweet and delete — I recall vividly that Barr has said we should all drop support for LGBT orgs because they support the killing of Jews.

So, we should stop supporting the orgs that help homeless kids, suicidal people, older gay people, and that advocate for LGBT rights because Roseanne F. Barr thinks they're not pro-Israel enough.

Got it?

UPDATE: Logo stopped airing Roseanne reruns in April.

Jan 15 2018
Dr. Mathilde Krim, Founding Chairman Of amfAR, The Foundation For AIDS Research, Dies @ 91 Comments (0)

Height.630.no_border.width.1200Dr. Mathilde Krim: July 9, 1926-January 15, 2018 (Video still via C-SPAN3)

According to friends close to her, including Peter Staley and Andy Humm, Dr. Mathilde Krim, a seminal figure in the history of AIDS activism, has died. She was 91 ...

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