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Jun 29 2016
Jack'd On Theory Mateen Could Have Deleted All Traces Of Membership: All Profile Info Since November 2014 Has Been Kept Comments (0)

When several gay men in Orlando volunteered that they thought they'd seen or even interacted with mass shooter Omar Mateen on various gay dating apps—immediately setting into motion the narrative that he was a self-hating closet case—I was skeptical. The witnesses didn't strike me as liars (the one who gave an interview on TV in makeup did), but they didn't sound that sure, and there is a wealth of information out there on how people mix these kinds of things up, even those who are “sure.”

The FBI has since noted that there is no evidence at all that Mateen was gay, or that he ever joined a gay dating app, JackdAppIcon-2xeven to do research. That would imply that the witnesses are simply mistaking him for someone else, which is not hard to grasp—it's hard to positively ID people you chatted with or just saw on an app for a short time. Pictures are not the same as flesh, and one picture of someone may look totally different from another.

I was struck by the conspiracy-drenched denials of at least one witness, who insisted his version of reality trumped anything the FBI could unravel.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Kevin West, 29, a Navy veteran and Pulse regular, said Mateen messaged him on Jack’d and also said he recognized him entering the club on the night of the shooting. After the attack, West turned his phone and app passwords over to police and FBI investigators. He said Mateen didn’t reveal his name, but he recognized him from the photo Mateen had posted on the app, which matched one of the gunman released after the shooting.

On Thursday, he dismissed federal investigators’ doubts.

“No one is lying about him being on there,” West said of the gay apps, adding that “once you have the app and delete your profile, it’s gone.”

I received this statement from Jack'd regarding the possibility of old profiles being gone forever:

When Online Buddies purchased Jack'd it was built so deleted profiles were in fact deleted and info was not kept.  

Our developers made many changes to the original Jack'd code and one of the changes is that we no longer delete that information. Those changes went live in November of 2014. That means we have kept all profile info (email address, etc) of any account created since then.
So there you have it—even if Mateen had been on Jack'd (one of the apps witnesses claimed he'd been on), it was clearly recently, certainly since 2014, and the FBI would know that by now, even if he'd deleted his profile.
Jul 07 2015
Need To Know: Justin Be Bare + Parthenon-Payment + Take My Wife, Por Favor + GoFuckYourselfHoney + Caitlyn Say + CAN'T BUY ME LOVE & Death + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.11.00 AMSoft as a “Baby”'s bottom

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber bares his butt to the Instagram-accessing world.

*widget boy cultureUSA goes to bat for Greece.

*widget boy cultureMy Instagram is in heat.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump is his hair ... and that's a very bad thing.

*widget boy cultureTrump may just be in this to reverse-psychologically fluff Bush.

*widget boy cultureCharleston white supremacist shooter's sis tried a GoFundMe wedding page!

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn Jenner partners with WhoSay to write LGBT blogs.

*widget boy cultureYo, did you lose your grills on the G train?

*widget boy cultureHot boy, hot music.

*widget boy cultureDoes your mommy even know what Jack'd is?

*widget boy cultureLegendary producer/agent Jerry Weintraub dies @ 77. Missed by 41.

Tumblr_mfr52fgVVG1rxju7lo1_500Amanda Peterson (July 8, 1971—July 5, 2015)

*widget boy culturePatrick Dempsey's Can't Buy Me Love (1987) costar dies @ 43.

*widget boy cultureJill Scott turns on Cosby, hard. Cosby confessed in 2005!

*widget boy cultureJeff Koons speaks ... yes, even about Cicciolina!

*widget boy cultureDustin Hoffman wants those goddamn kids off his lawn.

*widget boy cultureUNRESPECTABLE: Levonia Jenkins READS the Fire Island Pines.

*widget boy cultureMadonna Madness in NYC on 7/17/15.

*widget boy cultureWould you attend Molly Dykeman's F*cked Up Family Reunion?

*widget boy cultureRaymond & Lane go the “Andy Hardy” route, put on a show!

*widget boy cultureAmazing #Day1 Campaign surprise for Tyler Clementi Foundation's Jane Clementi.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.36.45 AMTyler Clementi's mom has devoted herself to ending bullying—EVERYWHERE.

Dec 28 2014
FCKH8ers Gonna FCKH8 Comments (0)
  Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_11 Underwear-FCKH8-Jackd Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_02 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_03 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_04 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_05 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_06 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_07 copy Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_08 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_09 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_10 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_12 Justin Frost_FCKH8_Web_13

Gay and straight hotties dropping trou for a good cause (FCKH8) seem like something you're interested in? Keep reading...

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Oct 09 2014
Coming Out Of My Ass Comments (0)


Jack'd, the gay dating app, conducted some research into its users' opinions on National Coming Out Day...and the results were a bit surprising: One-third of the young horndogs had never even heard of it!

Still, 59% said they thought it was an important day 26 years into its existence, and here are a few of the reasons why...

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Sep 09 2014
Need To Know: Ripped From The Headlines + Howser Of Love + Stern Warming + 1Daddies + MORE! Comments (0)

RipperIs Jack the Ripper's the greatest cold-case resolution of all time?

*widget boy cultureNeil Patrick Harris & David Burtka got married. Recently!

*widget boy cultureRay Rice canned by Ravens only after fiancée-beating video leaks.

*widget boy cultureEgyptian men charged over attendance of gay wedding.

*widget boy cultureHoward Stern recalls speaking at the memorial for Joan Rivers.

*widget boy cultureEric Decker's arms are top-notch.

*widget boy cultureCUTS BOTH WAYS: Jack the Ripper case solved via DNA evidence?

*widget boy cultureSullen, hostile, bored dads at One Direction concerts.

*widget boy cultureOne company now owns Manhunt, Jack'd and Dandy.

*widget boy cultureTurns out Taylor Swift hates girls, too!

*widget boy cultureBeing bald means you're not a “sexual lothario” anymore?

*widget boy cultureIf women are stupid enough to vote for Scott Brown, they deserve him.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of stupid, Kentucky likes Mitch McConnell just fine.

*widget boy cultureJ.K. Rowling doesn't like her anti-gay former fans.

I-like-dudes-albusHe's a magic man-lover.

Jul 04 2014
Need To Know: What A Dick + '80s Video Artiste + Grindr Butchr + Come To Papa + Persian Picasso + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureMeet attractive footballer Marc Bartra.

*widget boy cultureHe had 10 inches...but needed more. Plus, HOT ASS ALERT.

*widget boy cultureKinder, gentler approach to the homeless.

*widget boy cultureThe AMAZING '80s videos of Nelson Sullivan, 25 years later.

*widget boy cultureFINALLY: Ian Ziering & Olivia Newton-John together!

*widget boy cultureSeattle killer finds two men on gay pickup apps, executes them in the street.

*widget boy cultureGay widowers fighting for their due.

*widget boy cultureKind-hearted pet owner dies under garbage truck while trying to save her dog.

*widget boy cultureGay dads hold their child for the first time:

*widget boy cultureMeet “Persian Picasso”/gay artist Bahman Mohassess in Fifi Howls from Happiness.

*widget boy cultureDemi Lovato vs. Vladimir Putin.

*widget boy cultureBastille's “Of the Night” (a Corona/Snap!) mash-up is unexpectedly haunting.

*widget boy cultureINTERNATIONAL INCIDENT: Frankie Zulferino tours China.

*widget boy cultureInterview with gay Boystown author Marshall Thornton.

*widget boy cultureLee Daniels on being gay & black, and dishing on Mariah Carey.

*widget boy cultureDear Abby addresses gay man whose anti-gay brother loves his alive gay daughter!

*widget boy cultureAnthony Friedkin's 1970s “Gay Essay” on display, captured gay life in SF.

Friedkin-gay-hustlers-photographyHustlers in San Francisco in the '70s

Jun 20 2014
Car Jack'd Comments (0)


The boys of Jack'd sure know how to rotate a guy's tires...

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May 09 2014
Jack'd Together: Gay-Marriage Poll From A Hook-Up Site Comments (0)

The gay hookup app Jack'd did a survey of it's U.S. users ahead of today's second anniversary of President Obama's endorsement of marriage equality to get their thoughts on “marriage, relationships and the president himself.”

According to Jack'd, 55% of gay men see marriage equality as a reality in all 50 states within 10 years. Just 11% said it would never be legal in all 50 states, yet 86% say they currently live in a state with marriage equality or where they think marriage equality is on the horizon.

Jackd logo-solid copyThe popular hook-up app is into polls as well as poles.

The poll also found an 81% approval rating for President Obama in the area of comparing gay marriage to the broader civil rights movement, and a 71% approval rating for the president on gay matters.

Jackd Will and Kyle Photo1

One couple who say they met on Jack'd said of the president:

“We are excited to live in a country where our president is supportive of same-sex marriage. We met through Jack’d two years ago, started our business PoseCookMove together, and are planning on getting married one day. As young, gay black men it means a lot to us that we have our President’s support.”

Further findings: Gay men are very concerned about health (inclusive of HIV), employment discrimination, domestic and anti-gay violence and immigration.

And these respsones include input from everyone, not just the masc guys!