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Mar 29 2017
Jackie Evancho Singing A Different Tune About Trump ... Now That It's Too Late Comments (0)

Via People: Jackie Evancho, 16, is now trying to make it seem like her singing at Trump's Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.24.41 AM inauguration was apolitical in light of his rescinding of trans protections.

She tells People she is acting now because:

... at that point, something had changed that was going to affect a cause that I believe in. It was going to affect my sister, who I truly love, and people that I know. It was just natural instinct. I had to do something about it.

Disgusting, and a perfect example of how people think ā€” nothing matters until it matters to them personally.

Evancho goes on to say:

My goals are mainly just to continue what Iā€™m doing, but on a bigger scale ā€” to inspire people, to use my voice to do good, to help people. I definitely want to change things.

Pity she didn't use her voice for good two months ago, when she used it to serenade Donald Trump.

Dec 15 2016
Jackie Evancho, Confirmed To Sing For Trump At Inauguration, Has a Trans Sibling Comments (0)

Jackie-Evancho-Photo-Gallery-Portrait-4(Image via JackieEvancho.com)

Jackie Evancho and her family are bemoaning the bullying they say she has received in the wake of announcing her performance at Herr Trump's inauguration in January.

As bad as singling her out for bullying is, I don't see why people can't vent about the decision in general. Fans can express their dismay and non-fans can express contempt without bullying her directly. If that's an issue, don't take a controversial political gig.

More interestingly, Evancho took the job in spite of having an 18-year-old sister who is trans. The family has reportedly sued over bathroom use in their home district. And yet ... they think it's a good idea to serenade a man who has explicitly promised to roll back LGBTQ rights and protections? A man who initially said he was against the North Carolina bathroom law before walking that stance back? A man rumored to be ready to offer virulently anti-LGBTQ ex-Gov. McCrory of North Carolina a consolation job?

The Evancho clan deserves all the shame they get, which can be accomplished without DMing a child.

Right-winger Andrea Bocelli will be joining Evancho on a duet or two at the festivities. Bocelli is staunchly Catholic, anti-choice and was an indefatigable Berlusconi supporter, so he'll be right at home.