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Sep 02 2014
Midnight Snack Comments (0)


Here's a flashback to a shoot I did with 98°—a shirtless pic of both Jeff Timmons (above) and Nick Lachey (below)...

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Dec 18 2013
98 Degrees Of Separation: A Night With MEN OF THE STRIP Comments (0)
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98-Degrees-Popstar-Magazine-coverThe first photo shoot I ever assigned and oversaw was in fall of 1998. I hadn't launched the teen-entertainment mag Popstar! yet, but was in the planning stages, and—not knowing shit about teen mags other than loving the luxe, all-color British ones—I decided the first issue would be themed: The hottest men in music.

Teen girls don't really like men, they like boys. That was my first mistake.

However, gay male magazine editors do like men, so I was frantically searching for someone who would be cover-worthy, and yet would agree to pose for a non-existent magazine.


98-DegreesLucky for me, the boy band craze was in full swing. It didn't take much persuading to get 98°—a new act, but a cute one that actually straddled the boy/man line pretty well—to agree to a shoot, so we met at a seedy bar on Houston Street and in my photographer-of-choice's considerably less boozy studio to take a series of pretty spectacular images that would've been as much at home in a men's fashion magazine as in a teenybopper mag.

Men-of-the-Strip-2998°, 40 years old, 100% nice

The guys were supernice, if somewhat...nervous? See, Chiun-Kai Shih, already making a name for himself as a fashiony shooter, was documenting the entire shoot, complete with candids of them changing, and the guys were somewhat reluctant to go shirtless. (Many boy bands would start shirtless and quickly cover up once they decided it felt "gay" or "cheesy.) The 98° member with the hottest body, baby-faced Jeff Timmons, was, along with Nick Lachey, the one most often asked to disrobe, so he was pretty reluctant. We got a precious few full-on shirtless shots and some fun peekaboos. The cover looked sensational, and I would wind up working with them steadily for years.

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Oct 24 2013
Strip Steak: An Interview With Jeff Timmons And Glenn Packard Of MEN OF THE STRIP Comments (0)

Jeff-american-1Jeff Timmons started at 98* and only got hotter.

Hot—some would say red-hot—off the heels of his successful gig emceeing for the Chippendales in Vegas, Jeff Timmons, everbuff founding member of 98°, has launched an equally sexy venture with acclaimed choreographer Glenn Packard: Men of the Strip.

Glenn-PackardGlenn Packard: Choreographer and pec-wrangler.

The concept is that Jeff and a troupe of too-hot show-offs are touring the country with a tight stage show, with the whole thing being filmed.

I caught up with my old buddies (98° was the first pro photo shoot I ever assigned) to get the not-so-skinny on their ripped revue...

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Apr 15 2011
The Full Timmons?: Jeff Heats Up Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino Comments (1)

Pic02-1The host with the most

Hot off the presses: It may be "The Hardest Thing" to believe, but 37-year-old former 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons is teaming up and steaming up with Chippendales at Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from May 12 to June 5. Though he's got the body for it, will he actually be, you know, dancing? And if so, can you break this hundred for all ones and fives?


Cool down—he's billed as the emcee and special musical guest, so while Timmons will be shaking his moneymaker, in his case that moneymaker is his golden throat and not his pec-tacular physique.

It's been years since I last interviewed Timmons, one of the nicest people I've ever encountered in teen idoldom, but I got in touch with my old buddy with plenty of burning questions about his surprising gig...

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