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Dec 15 2018
Enter For A Chance To Receive A SECOND ACT Prize Pack! Comments (0)

353309id4a_SecondAct_27x40_1Sheet_RGB_wDate[10](Image via STX Films)

Enter for the chance to receive a Second Act prize pack!

Enter HERE by commenting your favorite J.Lo TV show or movie. I'll pick 5 of you (U.S. only) to win at random 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET. Good luck!

The only thing stopping you... is you.

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Jun 20 2018
Michael Dameski Soars On WORLD OF DANCE: Have MERCY! Comments (0)

Michael DameskiAussie power (Image via Instagram)

This boy's got what it takes!

Watch Australian dancer Michael Dameski bring the World of Dance judges to their feet with his powerful, shirtless performance to “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes ...

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May 07 2018
J.Lo Doesn't Crack Under Pressure Comments (0)

Jennifer Lopez crack(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

I have had the WORST-ever allergies week, but I ventured out yesterday in search of a cool premium being offered at Gucci Wooster (the people inside were dressed so ridiculously; one man in an ascot was staring me down for daring to arrive dressed casually), and along the way spotted Jennifer Lopez filming Shades of Blue.

One of the crew members did a little blue material himself!

Mar 04 2018
Jack & J.Lo: Dead-Funny Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.51.09 PM(Video still via NBC)

I thought last week's Will & Grace — with Barry Bostwick! — was easily the funniest of the new version. This teaser for the upcoming episode is pretty funny, too, focusing as it does on Jack's (Sean Hayes) fandom of Jennifer Lopez (who comes off as rather robotic) ...

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Nov 10 2017
Nothing But Sexual Abuse Stories, All Important — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

112642_fullWenner (L) with Anne De Salvo and John Travolta. Travolta's facing a rather suspect claim of sexual impropriety himself. (Image © Columbia)

Well, it's happened — all six items are related to sexual assault: Benny Medina, Jann Wenner, Brett Ratner (more), Kevin Spacey (more) and Louis C.K. ...

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Jan 02 2017
She Did What She Hadda Do: Epic Diva Disasters Onstage — Who Persevered, Who Melted Down? Comments (0)
The above Céline perf wasn't a disaster, but its conceptual badness is this post's theme.

In light of Mariah Carey's NYE nightmare, check out these OMG-disastrous performances from some of the world's top divas.

Hey, it happens ...

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Dec 17 2016
2016's Best Sounds & Images: Robin Skouteris Mega-Mix Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 1.36.02 PM(Video still via Robin Skouteris)

This mega-mix of the sounds of 2016 by Robin Skouteris might even make you enjoy modern music ....

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Oct 29 2016
6-PACK — RIP Cool Ghoul John Zacherle + Yes, Comey Acted Inappropriately + Green-Hot Tom Daley + Loin-Cloth Dreams + J.Lo Says Hi, Hi To BIRDIE + Human Rights Campaign = Garbage Organization! Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01b7c6fe09e9970b-550wiZacherle's visage decorated all the Chiller memorabilia I've ever seen. (Image via Chiller Theatre)

*widget boy cultureJohn Zacherle, the Cool Ghoul, has died @ 98 the same weekend of his beloved Chiller Theatre!

*widget boy cultureFormer prosecutors find Comey's letter on Hillary's emails shockingly bad form.

*widget boy cultureTom Daley: Hottest Kermit the Frog EVER. (Do Porky Pig next = no pants!)

*widget boy cultureDude in a loin cloth.

*widget boy cultureJ.Lo will appear in Bye Bye Birdie live on TV? Pass. Terrible show anyway. However, see above!

*widget boy cultureI can not defend HRC—they're sticking by racist right-wing tool Sen. Mark Kirk.

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