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Feb 22 2021
Trans Traitor Jessica Watkins Demands Freedom + SCOTUS Denies Trump On Tax Returns + A Trumper Is Put On Ice + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This is like trigger food for me.

BELOW: Keep reading for a trans traitor, Trump's tax return blues, Clarence Thomas's latest pube in the Coke, a Trumper gets put on ice and more ...

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Feb 14 2021
This ISN'T What Dr. Fauci Had In Mind Comments (0)

Feb 04 2021
COMPLETE STRANGERS = The Complete Package Comments (0)

Via MrMan: Dating in the year 2020 is hard enough without psychopaths on the loose! This is the exact predicament in which Robert (played by Pau Masó) finds himself in the gay thriller Complete Strangers, available on Amazon ...

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Feb 03 2021
Thick Jonas + GOP Re-Ups With Marjorie Taylor Greene + Kyle Rittenhouse On The Loose + Tales Of An AIDS Angel + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It really should've been Adam and Steve (Henson).

BELOW: Keep reading for Nick Jonas's big ol' biceps, the GOP embracing Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kyle Rittenhouse on the loose and more ...

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Jan 24 2021
Fleshback: Make Love With Your Eyes ... To Michael Ontkean Comments (0)

Puck, yeah! (GIF via GIPHY)

Look, Michael Ontkean was fine as fuck, even if he's even more resentful about Making Love than Harry Hamlin is. Today, he is 75 and super-retired.

Please follow Gr8erDays on IG here, for more celeb b'days, anniversaries and other milestones and factoids, and keep reading for a long leer at Ontkean in his heyday ...

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Jan 06 2021
You're Welcome: Wilfred Wong For FACTORY FANZINE Comments (0)

Boyculture-FACTORY ARCHIVES N1 - Wilfred Wong by Baldovino Barani  (3)Keep reading for a taste of Baldovino Barani's latest shoot with Wilfred Wong for FACTORY Fanzine ...

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Jan 05 2021
COVID Vigilantes Go Mainstream + Jamie's Foxxy Nudes + Medical BFs Get Engaged During Vaccination + Joy Behar Did NOT Miss You, Meghan McCain + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Stacey-abrams-georgia-boycultureI want that sign! (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Yes. Every day.

BELOW: Keep reading for Jamie Foxx's foxy nudes, a gay couple gets engaged during their COVID-19 vaccinations, COVID vigilanteism goes mainstream and more ...

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Dec 14 2020
How To Use A Dildo ... Alone, Or With A Partner Comments (0)

Ass-butt-booty-shirtless-boyculture(Image via OnlyFans — sign up here)

Using a dildo may seem like a simple thing, but it really isn't. Just like every other sexual practice out there, dildo use can be varied and tailored to meet individual needs.

The humble dildo is one of the most versatile sex toys out there. It can be used alone or it can be used with a partner. When having fun with a dildo on your own, you are free to explore dozens of stimulation possibilities and positions.

If you’re stuck to using your dildo one and the same way every single time, the following guide will acquaint you with many additional possibilities that will make sexy play much more satisfying and explosive.

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