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May 26 2024
PUSSY FACE Galore: Checking Out The John Waters Exhibition At The Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures Comments (0)

*IMG_6319(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 2.57.46 PMHung up on you

Earlier this month, I finally had an opportunity to tour the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in L.A., the long-awaited marquee tribute to filmmaking that opened in 2021. (Special thanks to my pal Michael Michaud, whose books you need to check out!)

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Jan 17 2024
Nick Sandell's Junk-Filled Trunk + GLAAD Nominees Announced + Trump vs. Haley + Remembering Cary Grant + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A peek at his twins.

BELOW: Keep reading for Nick Sandell's wiggle, GLAAD, Florida and more  ...

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Aug 24 2023
John Waters Goes Legit At Academy Museum + Mug Shots Galore + Helen Roperpalooza + Is Sara Ramirez Even Acting As Che? + Lauren Pazienza Cops A Plea In Barbara Gustern's Death + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott apparently get VERY into it sexually in All of Us Strangers.

BELOW: Keep reading for mug shots galore, Helen Roperpalooza and more ...

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Mar 17 2022
PINK Piece: 50 Years Of The Divine PINK FLAMINGOS Comments (0)

Gay boyculture Divine Pink FlamingosOne man's trailer trash is another man's trailer treasure ... (Image via New Line)

Happy 50th anniversary to Pink Flamingos, which played at the University of Baltimore for the first time 50 years ago tonight, on March 17, 1972.

Keep reading for its unique original New Line trailer ...

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Feb 18 2022
OILF (Olympians) + Waylon Smithers Covers ATTITUDE + Red COVID + The Ridiculous Case Against Don Lemon + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Your #TBT could never.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot jocks, Trump's day in court advances, Pink Flamingos gets some belated love and more ...

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Feb 17 2022
Happy Fa-laaaaming Anniversary! Comments (0)

D8368b6197ff76347b4eed47fa99f7feThe Watersed-down version (GIF via GIPHY)

Twenty-five years ago this week, the well-loved “Homer's Phobia” episode of The Simpsons aired. Incredibly, though it was 25 years ago, it was already eight seasons into the durable series.

On the episode, Homer's new pal John (John Waters) turns out to be happily gay.

John is shown as working at a kitschy store in the mall called Cockamamie's, which is absurd to contemplate today — a curio shop in a mall?! — and is presented as a lover of camp. He is a rare character who seems to understand the absurdity of the Simpsons' world, and to actually appreciate it.

Interestingly, Waylon Smithers seems to know John, one of the many hints leading up to him officially coming out in 2016.

Homer begins to worry about a negative influence on Bart, who he suspects is turning gay, so wants to taking him to a steel mill, but it turns out to be a gay steel mill, complete with effeminate workers and C+C Music Factory dance parties. Homer then decides he wants to take Bart camping (a play on “camp”?) to man him up, saying he would make him a regular Burt Reynolds. Reynolds, while an icon of machismo, was also sort of a Bugs Bunny when it came to being queer around the edges.

Hunting deer out of season leads to a run-in with some angry reindeer in a pen, but while Homer gets roughed up, being saved by John helps him respect his new friend.

“You know, Bart? Maybe it's just the concussion talking, but any way you choose to live your life is okay with me,” Homer says in the end.

The show's approach to Homer's homophobia feels relevant to this day, but was considered so edgy for broadcast TV that even FOX initially rejected it. They changed course after a power change and TV history was made.

Full episode here and here.

Plus, here are some of the show's most memorably queer moments:

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Dec 07 2021
Kissing Off The Haters + WEST SIDE STORY Spooks Saudi Arabia + GLAAD & Drag Stars React To Firing Of Pastor Craig + Movies Galore + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It's Ponyboy's Ponybutt for me.

BELOW:  Keep reading for the best way to fight homophobia, why Saudi Arabia can't handle West Side Story, a dad who belongs in the parent-of-a-gay-man Hall of Fame and more ...

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Sep 20 2021
Gay Couple Denied Wedding Venue Have Last Laugh + San Diego Hate Crime + 1st Gay Picket Remembered + Emmys In Memoriam Snubs + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He's one of the filthiest people alive, and yet — a Town & Country cover boy!

BELOW: Gay couple denied wedding venue have last laugh, Sinema in Big Pharma's back pocket, gay bashing in San Diego and more ...

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