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Nov 12 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Jordie Caskey Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 6.35.51 PM

Whatever this sexy bitch (Jordie Caskey) is up to, it will be worthwhile. He's cooking up a personal project, and is teasing it with this convincingly retro-'80s-home-video-looking clip ...

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Apr 02 2014
Need To Know: Hated It!, Supremely Well Funded, Butch/Femmetery, Male Model Mayhem + MORE! Comments (0)

Boy-CultureABOVE: Nobody told me there'd be gays like this. Bad sound, but perfect ending.

Boy-CultureSupreme Court thinks what our political system needs is more money.

Boy-CultureThese hot men are absolutely killing it.

Boy-CultureOne enthusiastic vote for Courtney Act to win RuPaul's Drag Race.

Boy-CultureTo be buried in a lesbian cemetery, are tattoos required?

Boy-CultureFRAMED: Art-school virgin reneges on promise to lose anal virginity on stage.

Boy-CultureModel Jordie Caskey's selfie-saturated tour of his life & home.

Jordie07_GAYLETTERPowerbottom Mac. (Or maybe I'm projecting!)