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Aug 20 2020
Night 4 At The DNC: Levity, Faith, Family ... Biden Brings It Home Comments (0)

Julia-louis-dreyfus-boycultureFrom best man at a lesbian wedding to this! (Image via Twitter)

Night 4 of the new-kind-of-DNC was kicked off by some Julia-Louis Dreyfus stand-up, a stark contrast to the previous three nights, which were emceed far more earnestly.

Dreyfus asserted that “Joe Biden can read — and he reads everything,” a smack at dipshit Trump.

The evening took on a religious tone, with Sen. Chris Coons emphasizing Biden's faith, a long video showing Biden expressing his faith, and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms referencing God-fearing Rep. John Lewis, who died July 30.

Even for an irreligious zealot like myself, the segment felt personal and organic.

Julia-louis-dreyfus-keisha-lance-bottoms-boycultureLance Bottoms is recovering from COVID-19. (Image via video still)

“We cannot wait for some other time, some other place, some other heroes — we must be the heroes of our generation,” Lance Bottoms urged.

Common-john-legend-glory-dnc-boyculture“One day, when the war is won ...” (Image via video still)

A lengthy tribute to Lewis was inspiring, and a reminder of the soul of the Democratic Party in an era when so many leftist naysayers would argue the soul is corporatism and war. John Legend and Common performed “Glory” immediately thereafter, continuing that soaring feeling of positivity.

When Dreyfus came back, she killed! She continued the gag of mispronouncing Mike Pence's name (the way Kamala's was mispronounced by Tucker Carlson), called Trump a cheater and came out as a proud “nasty, nasty woman.”

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