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Feb 13 2023
10 Celeb Bush-Only Scenes, Inspired By 1923 Star Harrison Ford Comments (0)

Matthew-rettenmund-pubes-starrfucker-boyculture IMG_1521*(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Via Mr. Man:

Harrison Ford remains one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, with a fifth Indiana Jones movie as well as the new TV series 1923 added to his rez. Jacob Dutton is pushing all our buttons, needless to say. He’s a man’s man who is certainly packing a big daddy dick ... but that’s not what today is about. 

For as simply drop-dead gorgeous as this man is in his many shirtless scenes that he's delivered throughout his career, it's his rare bush-only scene that not enough people talk about. Don't get us wrong — we'll take shirtless Harrison Ford any day of the gosh dern week and we won't complain. After all, have you seen his tan, manly, muscular body in the Indiana Jones movies and Witness? Perfection.

But we're kicking things up a notch today with, yup, Harrison Ford's bush. He has a basically-nude scene in 1988's Frantic, except Harrison manages to keep his naked body covered... for the most part. He lets his pubes slip out, and it's such a hot look at what this guy has going under his clothes! What Lies Beneath? Pubic hair ...

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Apr 14 2021
Chris Crocker (Finally) Cashes In + Colton Underwood's New Gay Series + Daunte Wright's Killer Cop Charged + Dean Martin's Sausage + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A little joy.

BELOW: Chris Crocker's journey continues, with a $41,000 NFT sale; Colton Underwood's new reality series; Dean Martin's entire penis; why that Toronto gay serial killer took forever to catch; and more ...

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Jan 01 2021
Bieber's Basket Comments (0)

Bieber-dick-1-boycultureOh, baby ...(Images via Instagram)

Look, I'm not a Belieber or whatever, but Justin Bieber is casting his net far and wide with these bulging undies images from the set of his “Anyone” video ...

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Mar 07 2020
AJ & THE QUEEN Canceled + Gay Cannibal: Incompetent + Gay Nazi-Lover: Competent + David Sedaris On Shading Autograph Hoarders + Full-Frontal Galore + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I will always support Garrett Clayton, even if he should be in a relationship with me.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot guys, gay cannibals & Nazis, David Sedaris on fistfuls of painkillers and more ...

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Jul 29 2019
Black, Gay Artist Lil Nas X's Countrified Hip-Hop Hit OLD TOWN ROAD Is The Longest-Running #1 Of All Time Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 4.51.58 PM(Image via Instagram)

Mariah Carey and Despacito have been bypassed — Lil Nas X and his “Old Town Road,” a genre-melding hit, is now the longest-running #1 Billboard Hot 100 song ever.

And he's a gay, black 20-year-old who a year ago was crashing with his sister.

May 24 2019
Cruising Nude + Trump's Fake-News Slur + Brazil's High Court Protects LGBTQ People + Trump Admin. Attacks Transgender Health + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Bulging with appeal.

BELOW: Nude cruise, Trump tweets fake news, Mormon thinks you can be a gay Republican, May quits, Weinstein settles ...

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Apr 19 2019
I'd Still Say Mesh + Pelosi Promises Mueller Action + Huckabee Sanders Lies About Lying + Schock Report + Bernie & Kamala's Big Bucks + EARTH Day + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Just a simple boy with a dream.

BELOW: Keep reading for a meshy situation, Sarah Huckabee Sanders goes full fembot and more ...

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Mar 19 2019
Sexiest Scenes From The Most-Followed Celebs On Instagram Comments (0)

You’ll wanna double-tap the most-followed male celebs who are featured on Mr. Man ...

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