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Aug 10 2020
Ohio Karen Harasses Planet Fitness Hottie + Trump Wants On Mount Rushmore + Wilson Cruz On Anthony Rapp's Pucker Skills + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Butts on TV?

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's Mount Rushmore desires, his Gettysburg plans, an anti-mask Karen and a racist-from-hell Karen, plus good dish from Wilson Cruz ...

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Aug 04 2020
Some Karen Justice: Pier 1 Karen Arrested, Booked Comments (0)

Debra-hunter-jacksonville-cough-karen-boycultureMom of the Year Debra Hunter, now fighting as assault charge (Images via Heather Sprague)

Debra Hunter, an irate mom going ape on some Pier 1 clerks in Jacksonville, Florida, in June, was arrested a month later and booked on an assault charge for deliberately getting into the face of mom Heather Sprague, who had dared to video the scene.

Sprague is a cancer patient — the cough could easily have killed her has Hunter given her COVID-19, and all over a tantrum.

Glad Hunter was apprehended. Also sounds like a shitty mom to be whining to clerks while her little kids roam the store unattended.

Yesterday I learned firsthand the power of conscientious bystanders. It took 30 seconds to end 15 minutes of aggressive...

Posted by Heather Reed Sprague on Thursday, June 25, 2020
Aug 03 2020
I Don't Care What The Explanation Is: Lock Her Up Comments (0)

UPDATE: See above — they arrested the loon.

Karen-n-word-boycultureHer vocab is ... limited. (Image via video still)

Give 'em an inch, they'll take an N-word. How people like this woman are not beaten and left for dead, I'll never know ...

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Jul 31 2020
Coming Out To Mom & Dad + Shea Coulée Is Anti-Mask + Biden Considers Bass + Racists Gone Wild + Hot, Hot Don Murray + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He was in Teen Beach Movie.

BELOW: Keep reading for how to come out to Mom and Dad, the new Epstein doc drop, Ivanka & Jared's financial disclosures, a Greek-American racist gone wild and more   ...

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Jul 23 2020
Postmates Karen Scared Of Black Delivery BOY Comments (0)

Postmates-212-black-man-boycultureHer mental illness is causing mental frustration — and could spread disease. (Image via video still)

This woman is utterly insane! I don't think she counts as a Karen — she's literally mentally ill. But she thinks the Black man who is making a food delivery is some guy wandering around letting himself into buildings to apparently steal. So his scam is to have a Postmates delivery with the address on it and get into the building. People like this belong locked up ...

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Jul 22 2020
FEED ME! Pizza Karen Is Crazy As Hell, With All The Toppings Comments (0)

Pizza-karenShe gots rights! (Image via video still)

This absolute raving lunatic ordered pizza online then showed up without a mask to get it — and, of course, she was denied.

And, of course, she melted down, lying and saying she has some sort of medical disability and frothing at the mouth about HIPPA.

But wait, there's more ...

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Jul 20 2020
Gay White Racist Caught On Video Screaming The N-Word In NYC: WHO. IS. HE?! Comments (0)

Gay-racist-nyc-ues-boycultureWho is she? Who was she? Who does she hope to be? (Image via video still)

UPDATE: The dolt has been positively IDed as Justin O'Brian aka Joe O'Brien (name used on a now-defunct Facebook page) aka Helix twink porn actor Dustin Gold.

A gay white racist was upset about traffic in NYC (E. 85th St., between 1st and York Ave.) at approximately 6:00 p.m. Saturday, July 18, 2020, so took to screaming at someone in front of him to get out of the road. According to one witness, he screamed the N-word for three minutes, and according to the video below, he screamed it at least once.

Next, when he discovered he was being recorded, he acted amused and claimed he would get more fans (this queen is — I mean was — an entertainer?), then told the guy recording him he looks gay (as an insult) and threatened to beat him up. Getting out of the car, the racist then does a fast grab for the guy's cell phone and smashes it on the ground.

Gays of the TriState area (the car's license may be registered to a business in Connecticut), let's ID this guy and ruin his fuckin' life. Yeah, see, cancel culture is not the problem. The problem is racists ...

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Jul 17 2020
Pietro Boselli vs. The David + Two Of The Craziest Karens Yet + Fyre Festival's Andy King's Young Love + Georgia Governor Sues To Endanger People + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Max Ehrich is not letting lockdown go to waist.

BELOW: Keep reading for the most incredible Pietro Boselli image yet, two of the absolute worst Karens yet, the Fyre Festival guy's 26-year-old love, the governor of Georgia's attempt to get us all killed and more ...

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