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Mar 24 2021
Stephanie Denaro, NYC Anti-Masker & Woman For Trumper, Calls Worker The N-Word — In Front Of Her Biracial Kids Comments (0)

A New York woman who refused to wear a mask at Essex Market because she has a medical problem and then casually called a Black worker a “bitch-ass” N-word — which she said in front of what appear to be her own biracial children — is apparently a prolific anti-masker, anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist with a history of public expressions of her kooky beliefs.

You will be shocked when I tell you she is also a Trump supporter. (You may be genuinely shocked that she was formerly a Bernie Sanders supporter — I thought Obama/Trump voters were bizarre, so I will also never get over the small but noteworthy Sanders/Trump crossovers. I do not understand the commonality.)

She is at 4:39 here:

She has also taunted people disgusted by her behavior by asserting that she is, in fact, Black herself, and therefore gets to use the N-word. Alternatively, she's stated she can't be racist if she has biracial kids:

I realize people think writing about this behavior elevates it, but I believe ignoring it is why it has flowered anew in recent years.

Jan 23 2021
Airplane Karen Screams Bloody Murder Over Who Gets To Deplane First Comments (0)

White-karen-pee-scream-boycultureI guess she wants to draw back a nub. (Image via video still)

I don't have the full story of what is happening here, but I would bet money that a white lady was slow to get off an aircraft and was resentful when a Black lady behind her wanted to go ahead and deplane. So she adamantly refused access to the aisle with her arm.

The Black lady was patient momentarily, but when no movement was forthcoming she moved the white lady's arm forward — it's how the elbow works! — and the white lady screamed like she was being skinned a-l-i-v-e.

The best part is when the flight attendant whips out Rosie Perez realness, avoiding going too far but making it clear that this cow needs to shut up and move on to greener pastures.

Karens — and you thought they were left in 2020 ...

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Jan 16 2021
Animal-Print Karen's A Raging Racist + Capitol Insurrectionists Freak Out Hometowns + Gay? Don't Eat Here + Jinkx Gets Married + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This CEO — who flew to the Capitol insurrection on a private jet — expects a pardon.

BELOW: Keep reading for Animal-Print Karen's racist past, a Bronx eatery that doesn't want the gays, Jinkx gets married and more ...

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Jan 08 2021
All SoHo Karen Miya Ponsetto Will Allow Is She Could've Handled Things Differently, Snaps At Gayle King Comments (0)

Miya-ponsetto-boycutlure“How is one girl accusing a guy about a phone a crime?” (Image via video still)

Miya Ponsetto, 22, who was seen on video physically attacking a 14-year-old kid after wrongfully accusing him of stealing her iPhone, has been arrested.

Just before her arrest, she was interviewed by Gayle King. In that interview, she snaps at Gayle (“Enough!”) and barely admits she did anything wrong.

She's a fucking monster, through and through, and entitled to the core. Who wears a DADDY cap for their TV interview ...

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BRIDGERTON Boy + Trump To Boycott Biden Inauguration + IDing Insurrectionists + Clarence Thomas's Radical Wife + Dominion Sues Kraken-Head + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: No, this doesn't make you look — gulp — fat.

BELOW: Keep reading for more about that Bridgerton boy, Trump gutlessly boycotting Biden's inauguration, clues the attempted coup was well-organized and planned far in advance and more ...

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Jan 02 2021
Out Rugby Player + Soho Karen Revealed! + Busy Philipps' Child Is 12 & Gay + Watch The Gay Cruise Actually Sink + Remembering Broadway's Losses + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)


ABOVE: If you kinda love it, it's by Theodore Johansson, and he's got an Etsy.

BELOW: Keep reading for an out gay rugby player, 12 seditious senators, Busy's child comes out as gay and more ...

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Nov 21 2020
Nude Dutch Dude + Conversion Therapy Returns To Florida + Trump Continues To Fight For Michigan, A State He Lost + Ricky Schroder, White Supremacist + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That this is Dan Savage's partner is why he believes It Gets Better.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ricky Schroder's white supremacy, a Dutch dude in the nude, Trump's desperate attempt to swing Michigan (a state he legit lost by 150,000+ votes) and more ...

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Oct 26 2020
Burger King Hat-Wearing White Man Shouts N-Word On Flight, Gets Dethroned Comments (0)

Burger-king-racist-flight-boycultureStunt king (Image via video still)

How ... do ... these ... people ... function ... ?

Somehow, this trash made it onto a jet and picked a fight with Black people, announced he is part-West African and then shouted the N-word over and over again.

Keep in mind he was doing this while sitting on the tarmac in Jamaica. (He was heading back to JFK.)

It's not funny at all — he is seething with so much rage, the situation could have ended much worse. He wound up under arrest, but I wonder if we could be heading to a point where people have to undergo background checks and could be denied the right to fly, period ...

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